Show Notes: BEL Episode 50, Yeah 50!

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

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We have done FIFTY episodes.  Yeah, insane.

severed conscience

Lefts Reaction To Sound of Freedom

Ballard Praised in 2014 By CBS

It’s Real But You’re Panicking So Remain in Your Seat

But When NetFlix Runs Lolita XXX Film it’s Ok


Brandon Ends Familial Testing at Border

Biden to End Familial DNA Testing at U.S.-Mexico Border


Dangerous Escalation

Censorship of Dissent FBI & Ukraine Working Together

Guillan Barre Outbreak in South America,

Peru Declares ‘National Health Emergency’ over Soaring Guillain-Barre Syndrome Cases

The Freaky Part is Google Shows NO US Media Discussing This

Just The Vax Ma’am

Lancet Report Removed in 24 hours

Interdisciplinary Approach to Vaccine Injury – VAERS Is Not The Only Source

Banana Brandon Republic Strikes Back

Hunter Biden Whistle Blower Dr Gal Luft went into hiding aboard

Now is indicted basically as a Foreign Agent violating FARA charges (Think Flynn)

As alleged, Gal Luft, a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen and co-head of a Maryland think tank, engaged in multiple, serious criminal schemes,” Williams said in a statement. “He subverted foreign agent registration laws in the United States to seek to promote Chinese policies by acting through a former high-ranking U.S. Government official; he acted as a broker in deals for dangerous weapons and Iranian oil; and he told multiple lies about his crimes to law enforcement.  As the charges unsealed today reflect, our Office will continue to work vigorously with our law enforcement partners to detect and hold accountable those who surreptitiously attempt to perpetrate malign foreign influence campaigns here in the United States.”

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