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Michigan AG aiding coup against Trump, some Tweets and Open Mic.

Spock’s Wheels

1964 Riv, photo take 1966.  Check the windshield, see the eyebrows?

Parallel Construction By Darth Nessel

They same they are circling to ensnare Trump with J6 indictment that the Senate already acquitted Trump for, Michigan Sith Lord Dana Darth Nessel is mopping Trump co-conspirators.


Here’s the issue – these were legally selected Electors.  They announced they were meeting.  And no election law violation is cited in the indictments.


A legal analysis:

“Admittedly, I’m not familiar with the ins-and-outs of Michigan law, but under common law fraud and these facts, no one could possibly have been defrauded. Fraud requires an element of “reliance,” meaning someone must have relied on a defendant’s false representation. No reliance, no fraud.

Uttering is a little different though, and in some jurisdictions only requires an intent to defraud. But you never heard of the weird charge because, like other recent democrat prosecutions, was pried out of a 19th-century time capsule. It is normally charged when people try to pass forged checks, although most states now have statutes covering that situation.”



John Podesta wanted alternate electors and wanted special session to change votes in 2016

“But the electors’ letter, and Podesta’s just-asking-questions endorsement of it, seems to be geared toward changing the rules in the middle of the game, in the hopes of convincing electors to change their votes in defiance of the intentions of voters as expressed in the existing system, and sometimes in defiance of laws that bind them.”



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