Show Notes: 007 In Atlantis

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Show Notes: 007 In Atlantis

Buckle up, tonight we look at the  agents who served Queen Elizabeth, one who signed his correspondence with 007, another who revolutionized science.  How do they relate to Severed Conscience?

“In Order for light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present”
“Truth is the Daughter of Time, Not Authority”

Sir Francis Bacon

This episode was inspired by a conversation I had with O, who’s love of history brings many great ideas to light.

In Elizabethian England, the Queen’s Court was susceptible to infiltration.  Elizabeth I was expelled from the Catholic Church, and subject to assassination plots.  Communications needed to be protected.  Cyphers were developed by John Dee, astrologer and mathematician.

Some comic relief before we get to the history.

QE I's Closest Advisor, 007

Henry's Ginger Daughter
John Dee
John Dee’s Background

By the time Elizabeth rose to the court in 1558, Dee had already become her closest personal advisor. Elizabeth even entrusted him with choosing an auspicious day for her coronation. Dee would counsel the queen on all things scientific and astrological. Thanks to his knowledge of astronomy, key to nautical navigation at the time, Dee would also serve as the advisor for England’s voyages of discovery. He advocated imperialism and was actually the first to use the phrase “British Empire.”

007 = “00” for the queen’s eyes only, 7 to bring luck or protection

Many scholars believe that Dee was one of Elizabeth’s spies, and that his travels throughout Europe were not for “spiritual conferences,” but rather to gather intelligence. It’s known that Elizabeth employed a number of spies, especially after the Pope declared her an illegitimate ruler in 1570. She was constantly threatened by conspiracy plots, all of which were quashed by her secret service. Dee would have been a formidable member of this team; his reputation for magic preceded him, and he was obviously well connected through his position at court.

At this time institutions that we are familiar with such as the Royal Society that would support Isaac Newton and other scientific inquiry were not formed.  John Dee was an early proponent of astrology, useful in navigation as well as being a good mathematician.

Married To England

Speculation has abounded regarding Queen Elizabeth’s relationships with many at her court.

Officially she remained the Virgin Queen.  This was for varying reasons, one to preserve the sanctity of the throne and dispel rumors of betraying Britain to foreign royal such as Spain or France.  There many suitors at first, including Ivan The Terrible from Russia.

The trade growth between the countries led to a lively business correspondence between Ivan the Terrible and Elizabeth I. The English queen was the only woman Ivan IV had ever written to. At that, not every topic could be trusted to paper and then the information was passed through a trusted person, English envoy Anthony Jenkinson. In the end, from business negotiations the Russian monarch proceeded to seek the hand of the queen.


Robert Dudley

Robert Devereux

Walter Raleigh

Thomas Seymour

Francis Drake

Edward de Vere

Francis Bacon, son of de Vere and Elizaberth?

Another trusted advisor to Queen Elizabeth in her latter years, and trusted advisor to subsequent monarch James I is Francis Bacon.

Francis Bacon, like John Dee, was a mathematician, philosopher and scientist.  He is a proponent of Natural Philosophy and his scientific method transformed western thought.  He is consider by many to be more important than Sir Isaac Newton.

Bacon challenged Aristotle’s deductive reasoning, the method for scientific discover for 2000 years, with inductive reasoning and continual observation.  This became know as empiricism.

There is speculation that Francis Bacon is the “Prince Tudor” and is the son of Edward de Vere and Elizabeth.

Royal Birth

Francis Bacon’s intellectual prowess was so respected, and his political philosophies so similar to the themes of William Shakespeare that is has been theorized that he is the author of Shakespeare’s work.

 Even mainstream Shakespearean scholar Horace Howard Furness, wrote that “Had the plays come down to us anonymously – had the labour of discovering the author been imposed upon future generations – we could have found no one of that day but Francis Bacon to whom to assign the crown. In this case it would have been resting now upon his head by almost common consent

In fact Shakespeare’s The Tempest, a tale of sailors blown of course to a far away island to the west bears striking similarities for Bacon’s famous unfinished work The New Atlantis.

Francis Bacon’s God

…contends that Bacon is responsible for transmuting Christian hope for spiritual salvation into a secular dream of material comfort and argues that the Christianity of Bensalem is actually a “fundamental assault upon, transformation of and ultimate displacement of Christianity.” Denise Albanese asserts that Bensalemite Christianity “first serves as yet another instance of reverse colonialism, with the natives’ conversion already an accomplished fact” and as the “code for an intellectual imperialism.”

Bacon uses this primordial history to portray a golden age that has been virtually lost from memory; as a result, humanity has been left with a truncated account of its past achievements. Bacon refers to an ancient wisdom that has been lost and replaced by impotent, inferior philosophies. Yet the purpose of the Platonic myth in “New Atlantis” is to instill hope that this knowledge can be recovered and the state of civilizational excellence restored.

Bacon was a transformer, without a doubt.  Some say he cleverly used Biblical themes in New Atlantis to plant themes of the enlightenment and removed God from his position of primacy. The the main city of the New Atlantis was Bensalem, which translate to Son of Peace or Son of Submission.  Note that 40 days the period of time the characters remain in Salomon’s Stranger House in Bacon’s New Atlantis.  40 is indeed very Biblical.

  • Sailors can stay 40 days in Stranger House.  40 Days is clearly a Biblical reference, and is generally a journey or a period of transformation.  Many times a tribulation.
  • Noah
  • Moses
  • Jesus – exile in the desert with temptation by Satan, time to teach disciples.

There are many indications that Bacon was deeply religious and believed that a covenant with God should be entered, and that transformation would create a nation guided by God.  There is an interesting twist here, one that is grounded in Reformation reform:  the New Atlantis is the result of direct dispensation from God, for all inhabitants, and the failed understanding of past religious interpretation is set aside for a new relationship with God.

Severed Conscience, America and The New Atlantis

In a way, Francis Bacon and his adherence to empiricism and scientific, consistent observation was a preamble to “we hold these truths to be self evident …” later penned by Thomas Jefferson.  Life in accordance to what the Creator intended is manifested in Natural Law.

As we have said many times, Natural Law was a bridge that allowed us to escape the darkness of tyranny that spawned the Salem Witch Trials.



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