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By Orange

It is all imposed onto you with the impression of helping the way we think about each other, our communities, ourselves and most importantly, our future. The Ai, ChatGPT, polling, surveys, clicks, likes and the list goes on, all generated to develop an Image of you. Your Interest, Dislikes and Responses are all captured to help create a world that you do not really know. And the longer we remain on the Social Media Hemisphere, the more you become detached from the reality you are alive in.

Now- I need you to re-read a sentence back to yourself again that you breezed with ease through. “Your interest, dislikes and responses are all captured to help create a World that YOU do not really know”. How is that possible? Allow me to remind you, who pushed the argument 4 years ago of normality. Why did the media project this idea, which is the world you live in? It was never the media’s reality, yet we allowed Fauci, an appointed Loser, to answer that question. Meanwhile, we all took the time to appoint ourselves as well to openly oppose Congress, Governors, and Health Experts.  So, if this data is being collected to create an image of myself, certainly I would think that I would be able to recognize myself in the world that I am creating. Right?

Wrong, because what you hear out of the suggested Experts every day is the opposite of what you spent life living, understanding, and learning to know. How is it that the very Government which is supposed to benefit me in terms of protection, speech and privacy in the community, the state, and the Nation I live in just decided one day to forfeit me? Americans want to know; how does this happen?

In a Jam session from Twitter- Zee brough to the table an informational piece from Sub stack titled: Kids who get Smartphones become adults with worse Mental Health. While the article presents a compelling argument geared toward parents who are actively choosing to hold off on Smart phone usage- the other side of the coin encourages parents, who allow online connection to actively join in on the Global survey initiative of reporting to a website called Sapiens

The Global Mind Project is what it is called, and the basis of their objective is to reach and collect data from everyday people in different geographical locations from the Global Pandemic and how it has affected them.  The global mind project allows you to test yourself and spits back a comprehensive assessment of your personal Mental Health. This is a worldwide outreach and you’re probably thinking the same thing I am. Well, maybe not but my first question besides Why- was, who is really collecting this data? Nothing to be alarmed at all about this, I mean, it’s all in the name of Health and Safety, right?

And I will admit- the more I read over this just to refresh the points, it allows me a minute or two to realize how immediately we are led to think that there should be this cure to ourselves from the vices we suffer from, or our children may as well possibly exhibit in the future. The more I think about this as a mother and as an individual, it is alarming. I cannot help myself but to tease the idea that our own government could quite possibly want this data or other Political figures around the globe. It makes you really question the purpose of surveys. And the possibility of it having enough data to track and project the idea of helping us manage our lives prior to any possible decision we make for ourselves. And because it has been invitational to a degree, more so now than prior to Covid, people around the world act willfully to it by Checking themselves into the Data Empire.

 Just to give you an idea, I want to show the results of data collected in 2009. Here you can see just how popular the Internet was. From everyday Americans all over the Nation, from Rural to Urban regardless of your race and age. Clearly the internet wasn’t as popular in 2009 as it is for the newest kids on the block. Who are investing all their time and efforts.

So, we can undoubtedly say that in 2023, the adoption of the internet has grown immensely. Infact the most recent data from Data Report suggest that:

  • There were 311.3 million internet users in the United States of America at the start of 2023, when internet penetration stood at 91.8 percent.

Now consider that on a global scale. And so, you see, the Global Mind Project does understand why there is a need for Mental Health and its importance. Precisely when it came to Quarantine during covid and how the Internet played a very important role for the generation coming up into Society because they were led to keep family safe by staying home and jumping online. It’s just so ironic that the capability was there in terms of handling the influx of users when it was needed the most and per usual, we accept and never question.

Now, remember when I asked, Why and Who?

The initial question of Who is important because when I was introduced to this sub–Stack Quest of New information, I wanted to know who was collecting data. Now, I realize that everything in 2023 collects data. No matter where you are- you’re being monitored, online. But in 2009?

Remember, people in general during 2009 were apprehensive about their interest in terms of the world Wide Web. Some people cared and others didn’t and yes, advancement in terms of access and affordability was the deciding factor for many considering the added expense. So of course, people went without.

So, because I needed to know Who, of course I started digging what was going on in 2009 to bring such added interest to expand the reach of the internet. Of Course, there is a report called “Exploring the Digital Nation: Home Broadband internet adoption in the United States. Published in 2010, yet the internal workings began in 2009 from a swath of places. Some of those areas covered information that was pulled from the US Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications & Information Administration and of course the Economics & Statistics Administration. In fact, the graph that I showed the results to you of people responding to the internet back in 2009, was from this very report.

For instance, in the report, the DOJ is listed as a reference with the information which was pulled from Americans with Disabilities Act. Now I don’t think it’s off the wall that these Government agencies are collecting data to form reports, in fact I would expect that in 2023, but 2009? Many times, these reports are then used to help enable a seasoned politician wanting to “make a deal” with the other side of the table- for self-seeking & national face of purpose. We witness this every Election year.

Yet what I’m not sure of, is if people in general found ADA as informational as I do. Let alone as alarming as well. And my point is that to most of the data collected for ADA insisted to initially profile Americans across the USA in 2009 and 2010. And most of this implementation all happened in the name of more Security less Liberty because the Bush Administration chose to create endless possibilities and loopholes embedded through fear instead of strength. (Sound familiar?) In fact, in 2008, George Bush JR. granted Congress the ability to ensure that the term disability was broad reform because SCOTUS was branded as being Strict and Unfair.  One interesting piece to this is that we, as Americans never investigate individually, how many times the Federal Government has been sued for showing themselves as the real bigot in the room. Today we are learning in real time that the government has had more than enough time to learn and apply the short coming of their painful past in the settlement process of lawsuits. Rarely do we tend to conclude that this may be a direct result of why we are seeing such a process today. From the top of the Fed all the way to the small rural Statesmen from the towns that we call home.  

 When we sit back and think about 9/11 and the amount of alarming legislation which was shoved through Congress, we still believe that it wasn’t really that terrible. Certainly not as bad as Brandon today- but when you have three departments within the government reporting on exploring implementation of the Internet, something should send up a red flag. I know, the Patriot Act and yadda Yadda.. but that’s for another time and place, folks.  Getting back to the Red Flag, I do however believe, that if we are going to insist that Mental Health is an issue, it needs to be addressed and not disguised. And today, those who need it the most are literally walking disguises claiming to be Free and Proud.

 And little have we realized the full-blown implications of all of this planned Interconnectivity from the same Government on society as a whole in America, today. Rarely do we see how Policy advancement has been used to dilute freethought and movement of everyday people. And that somehow, we’ve been impressed to believe that Politics is the way to curing Society. Politicians for years have been allowed to create agendas for a future investment or enslavement. The American Disabilities Act created a fluffy pillow to accommodate a lot of the language written by Executives from these departments to influence Policy change that dominates small communities throughout your State. And if you don’t believe me- listen, look at your community today. Can you say it is honestly thriving? 

Severed Conscience is the direct result of curiosity gone wild on cell phone adaptation and the platform galore we choose compared to our everyday life. It has left us needing more and it’s all based on Clicks, likes and shares. The small and direct look into the bubble of Severed Conscience hands the listener an opportunity to recognize from demonstration and simplified points of just how this weave of online community and culture really does approach you with the idea of not just conformity but never checking out.

So, we have to ask ourselves the real question- Can you unplug from convenience? 

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