Show Notes: Episode #54 Secret of The Karate

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There’s only two kindsa people who know the secret to the Karate …

severed conscience

Soccer Is Awesome

There’s only two kindsa people who know the secret to da Karate, da Kang and da Chaaaah-neeze.

Da Kang is Elvis Chan, Hunter

Tou Thao Police Officer Involved With George Floyd Incident Sentenced To 5 Years

Thao had previously testified that he merely served as a “human traffic cone” when he held back concerned bystanders who gathered as former Officer Derek Chauvin, who is white, knelt on Floyd’s neck for 9 1/2 minutes while the Black man pleaded for his life on May 25, 2020.

Avast Thar, Ya Ship is Coolin Da Planet

Analysis: How low-sulphur shipping rules are affecting global warming

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) rules have had some success in improving public health. Global emissions of sulphur dioxide (SO2) – a health-damaging air pollutant – have dropped by about 10% as a result.

But the shift to low-sulphur shipping fuel has had an additional consequence. 

Sulphur particles contained in ships’ exhaust fumes have been counteracting some of the warming coming from greenhouse gases. But lowering the sulphur content of marine fuel has weakened the masking effect, effectively giving a boost to warming.

Safe And Effective:  New Vaccine Studies Indicate Higher Injury Rate Than Expected

Researchers followed a group of 40 patients aged 12 to 18 for up to one year after the children were diagnosed with myocarditis, or heart inflammation, following vaccination with one of the messenger RNA shots from Pfizer or Moderna. They performed a series of tests, including echocardiograms.

Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, or cardiac MRIs, was performed on 39 of the 40 patients. Abnormal results came in for 26 of those who were imaged, including 19 who had late gadolinium enhancement, or signs of scarring.

58% have lingering symptoms a year later.  This is Dr Peter McCullough’s analysis.

Canadian Govt Memo Demonstrates Public Health Officials Minimized Risks

But Didn’t The Pfizer Execs Have The Same Batch?

Zelenski Of The Shire Update

Looks like we need a Jerry Lewis Telethon for Ukraine,

Ukraine’s military campaign – and recent counteroffensive – are being held back by a lack of weaponry, and allies need to provide additional supplies to effectively counter Russia, the top aide to Ukraine’s president has claimed.

“From the point of view of battlefield parity, there is indeed a significant shortage,” Mikhail Podoliak said on Friday, live on national TV.

And in #HolyShiteWeCalledIt fashion, Blue asked months why drones haven’t been used by Russians to take out Zelenski.  There has been a foiled assassination attempt.

The SSU described that the detained woman, who hasn’t been identified, worked on a military base as a clerk in one of their military stores.

She’s accused of “gathering intelligence” in order to pass the info along to her Russian handler so that a large-scale airstrike could be executed, specifically during Zelensky’s trip to the region in late July. He had at that time visited a medical facility in Ochakiv along with other places in the southern region.

Pelosi is Now Modelling the Dr Birx Line of Fashion, Claims the World Ends Should Trump Get Elected.

Connecticut Cop Write 26,000 Fake Tickets.  Management, Hold a Mirror and Fire Yourself

A recent audit found nearly 26,000 tickets were falsified over a seven-year period.

The investigation found troopers were trying to appear more productive and become eligible for overtime.

“If people were not investigating this thoroughly, if they knew that they were purposeful mistakes — not mistakes, purposely misrepresenting what was going on — those people should go, and I think their management should take a look at themselves as well,” Gov. Ned Lamont said.


Nothing to See In Michigan

NOW WE HAVE PROOF! TGP EXCLUSIVE: Massive 2020 Voter Fraud Uncovered in Michigan – Including Estimated “800,000 Ballot Applications Sent to Non-Qualified Voters” – Bags of Pre-Paid Gift Cards, Guns with Silencers, Burner Phones, and a Democrat-Funded Organization with Multiple Temporary Facilities in Several States

Australian Officially Moving to CBDC (Digital Currency)

Cashless society is the first step down the tyranny staircase.  CBDC’s allow for tracking of all transactions, and many in the banking industry are excited that digital currency can be programmed for only certain types of purchases. 

Authoritarian COVID lock down haven, formerly known as Australia, is now going cashless.

The Australian government and central bank have been involved in a beta test for the past year with the proliferation of CBDCs in mind.  Their partnership projects with the Bank for International Settlements and pilot programs with companies like Mastercard are about to wrap up this fall, and it looks as though Aussie bureaucrats are planning to implement their cashless system very quickly after the trial run is finished. 

In defense of CBDCs officials suggest that Australians are already shifting into a cashless society, citing the fact that the population went from 32% using cash to only 16% using cash in the span of three years.  Of course, what they don’t mention is that Australia’s aggressive and draconian covid lockdowns and mandates since 2020 pushed the public into relying more on digital and online purchases.  

Wide World Of Sports BEL Style

Trump Cheered The Team’s Defeat

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