Show Notes: Michigan Mish-Mash With Darth Nessel

By The Mighty Humanzee / Orange

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severed conscience

It's Time To Revisit Michigan

Dana Darth Nessel is so brazen, so criminal that she earned her own theme song.  Beats Darth Vader’s theme hands down.

We Covered Dana's Exploits Before (Our Second Podcast)

At the time we had 4 years of terrible experience with Dana Nessel, who caused the floods in Midland, who has sued to shut down Line 5 that brings propane, oil and natural to 5 states and is a $25 Billion Dollar segment of the Midwest economy.  We have written extensively about Nessel’s activity leading up to the 2022 election.

Nessel Wants To End Line 5

Nessel's Tactics

Insane Climate Recommendations

Lansing, We Have a Problem

After the Antrim County Lawsuit over the Dominion voting machines flips votes, we were assured that Election Fraud was not possible.  In fact AG Nessel has been cleaning the state, keeping it safe for Democracy by indicting her former opponent and principles of the MI GOP.

Lansing — Attorney General Dana Nessel is leveling felony charges against 16 Republicans who signed a certificate falsely stating that Donald Trump won Michigan’s 2020 presidential election, launching criminal cases against top political figures inside the state GOP.

Each of the 16 electors, including former Michigan Republican Party Co-Chairwoman Meshawn Maddock and Shelby Township Clerk Stan Grot, have been charged with eight felony counts, including forgery and conspiracy to commit election law forgery, according to Nessel’s office.

The revelation capped six months of investigation and produced the most serious allegations yet in Michigan over the campaign to overturn Trump’s loss to Democrat Joe Biden in 2020. Biden won the state by 154,000 votes or 3 percentage points, but Trump and his supporters maintained false and unproven claims that fraud swung the result.

Dana Nessel’s 2022 Opponent Charged With Election Machine Tampering

Madame, Are These Your 10,000 Voter Registrations?

NOW WE HAVE PROOF! TGP EXCLUSIVE: Massive 2020 Voter Fraud Uncovered in Michigan – Including Estimated “800,000 Ballot Applications Sent to Non-Qualified Voters” – Bags of Pre-Paid Gift Cards, Guns with Silencers, Burner Phones, and a Democrat-Funded Organization with Multiple Temporary Facilities in Several States

As a result Nessel has admitted that the case is open and was referred to the FBI

Using the Law and Her Office As A Weapon

Part of Nessel’s tactics is to perform jury tampering with fraudulent press releases.  In Antrim county her office issued press releases falsely accusing 5 men of being white nationalists affiliated with Wolverine Watchmen

In an October 8, 2020, article entitled Mysterious Wolverine Watchmen militia group ‘flew under radar,’ The Detroit News reported that: “Extremism experts say they had never heard of the Wolverine Watchmen until members of the militia group were accused Thursday of a conspiracy to overthrow the government as part of plans to kidnap the governor.”

Over two years later, on December 7, 2022, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office issued a press release under this demonstrably false headline: “Wolverine Watchman Bound Over in Antrim County.”

But the evidence was not there.  However, no retraction has been issued.



What Happens in Michigan Doesn’t Stay In Michigan

Sadly, Darth Nessel’s political lawfare activities to silence election fraud and her opponents is being exported to other states.  It should be noted that days after the revelation of 10,000 fraudulent voter registrations were revealed in Muskegon County, the Washington Post “reveals” a disturbing trend.

Eight months after the 2020 presidential election, Robin Hawthorne did not expect anyone to ask for her township’s voting machines.

The election had gone smoothly, she said, just as others had that she had overseen for 17 years as the Rutland Charter Township clerk in rural western Michigan. But now a sheriff’s deputy and investigator were in her office, asking her about her township’s three vote tabulators, suggesting that they somehow had been programmed with a microchip to shift votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden and asking her to hand one over for inspection.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said in an interview with The Washington Post that efforts to “twist the arm of election officials to get them to turn over secure information” are illegal. She said it is important for law enforcement to act “not just to hold accountable those who have been trying to interfere with the process, but to look at the connectivity to see if there is a broader connection, not just in our state, but beyond Michigan to Georgia and Ohio and other states where you see this happening.”

In Colorado, the Mesa County clerk, Tina Peters, was indicted in March on charges stemming from her effort to allow allegedly unauthorized people to copy the hard drives of voting machines in her county. Peters has denied wrongdoing. In Coffee County, Ga., a cybersecurity executive named in the Michigan case, Benjamin Cotton, said in court filings that he gained access to the county’s voting system information. In Pennsylvania, the secretary of state ordered the decertification of machines in Fulton County after she said they were improperly accessed by individuals seeking to investigate the 2020 election.

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