Show Notes: Socialist Roulette

By The Mighty Humnazee and Orange

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severed conscience

Those in Power using Fear for 2024 Election Control – Michigan Ramping Up COVID Scare with NY In Concert

Last year Orange and I produced our first documentary Rationed State in response the tyrannical lockdown tactics, and also as warning for others as we saw some very disturbing ties to global foundations who were pushing for altering society in preparation for the new phase of what they claimed would benefit humanity.  While many call it the Great Reset, we termed it the Great Erasure as it was evident that reduced population and misery would result from shutting food and medicine production.

Here are some of the articles from the Rationed State Documentary that are specific to RSV, Covid, and health policy:

Thursday, 8/17/2023 more information came to light regarding the mask and vaccine mandates returning this fall.

Lionsgate, movie production corporation, has re-instituted mask mandates.  

Lionsgate Reinstates Mask Mandate In Parts Of Santa Monica Office Following Covid Outbreak

Brown University Reinstates Mask and Vaccine Mandates

Hospitals Capitulate – Video

Indeed, my father had an appointment and took video of how quickly the hospital complied. His question is: what are the ties between hospital administrations across the nation and Pfizer and Moderna.

Attack on Children

What Is A Gender Minotaur?  Elite are prepping kids for transgender re-assignment, first step of transhumanism

The doctor, Diane Ehrensaft, says she supports a “gender revolution”. And don’t worry, it’s not like she’s in a position of prominence anywhere important, she’s just director of mental health and chief psychologist at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital gender development center and a professor at UCSF School of Medicine, Fox News reports.

Her specialties include pediatric “gender-affirmative care for transgender and gender-expansive patients”, the report says.

In 2018, she stated: “I totally agree we are in the midst of a gender revolution and the children are leading it. And it’s a wonderful thing to see. And it’s also humbling to know [children] know more than we do about this topic of being gender expansive.”

Kids Developing tics from social media use.  Symptoms like Tourette’s

Technocratic Control

AI Is NOT Capable of Planning Economies, It Lacks Entrepreneurial Intelligence

The digerati always assume steady state when applying their solutions.  Hence large corporations and consolidation figure into their vision, because production of goods and the market has mature where there are less unknowns.  But this ignores the ingenuity needed to address scarcity, and what it takes to create new products.  Entrepreneurs deal specifically, THRIVE, in the UNKNOWN.  There are no datasets for that.  Just models, which have little or no accuracy.  A wild assed guess.  

“Most [of what we call knowledge] consists in a technique of thought which enables the individual engineer to find new solutions rapidly as soon as he is confronted with new constellations of circumstances.”

The search for profits and risk of loss drives economic calculation. The entrepreneur strives to earn profits because wealth affects his future. Profits give the entrepreneur the possibility of a better life for himself, his family, and those in the world that have been enriched by his products. To decide to improve your future, you must first have a future. Computers do not have a life. “Having a life” is not an algorithm either. Having a life goes beyond only having goals that you can only reach in the future.

Twitter will require photo

In Severed Conscience – Controlled Environment we will spend plenty of time on Digital Identity.

Stealth Censorship

The study is a roadmap on “how to censor people using secret methods so that they wouldn’t know they’re being censored, so that it wouldn’t generate an outrage cycle, and so that it’d be more palatable for the tech platforms who wouldn’t get blowback because people wouldn’t know they’re being censored,” Mike Benz, a former State Department diplomat specializing in U.S. foreign policy on international communications and information technology matters told the “Just the News, No Noise” television show Monday night.


Our analysis relies on a dataset of Twitter posts collected during the 2020 US election. This dataset was extracted from a broader set of 1.04 billion election-related posts collected between 1 September 2020 and 15 December 2020. To construct our dataset, we first identified 430 incidents—distinct stories that included false, exaggerated or otherwise misleading claims or narratives. Search terms were devised for each incident, extracting 23 million posts generated by 10.8 million accounts from the broader collection. Search terms and incidents were identified through real-time monitoring and updating by dozens of analysts and several community partners as part of the Election Integrity Partnership2. As such, we believe that our dataset provides a thorough—if not comprehensive—overview of misinformation during the 2020 US presidential election.

In an extreme case, a platform could remove or hide all content matching search terms related to an emerging misinformation incident. To simulate this, we ran our model until a given time point at which growth was stopped entirely (Fig. 2a). Our results indicate that outright removal can indeed be effective, producing a 93.8% median reduction in total posts (that is, tweets, replies, quote tweets and retweets) on the topic, if implemented within 30 minutes (89% credible interval (CI), (92.9, 94.4))

…‘virality circuit breakers’, which seek to reduce the spread of a trending misinformation topic without explicitly removing content—for example, by suspending algorithmic amplification

Freedom of Reach, isn’t that a term we’ve heard before?  Twitter already practices this approach with filtering.  Remember, a Federal court determined that the FBI used deamplication during COVID. 

“They explicitly say that the purpose of this censorship psychology study is to eliminate resistance to vaccination efforts, equity and democratic processes, meaning elections,” Benz said. “So they want to be able to control and prevent all opposition to election procedures that they want in place, to vaccination campaigns and to what appears to be racial and climate equity initiatives.”

The research comes as a federal judge has ruled that government agencies like the FBI and Homeland Security Department used third parties as proxies to coerce social media firms into censorship during the 2020 election and the pandemic.

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