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By The Mighty Humanzee

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severed conscience
Rush Limbaugh had his 35 Undeniable Truths of Life.  Well John has a new set.
John Jackson

The New Reality: Points That Every Conservative Must Understand.

1. 80% of elected Republicans are no different than Democrats. Spending, crime, war, etc.

House Republicans are planning to take up a short-term stopgap funding measure next month to avoid a partial government shutdown, Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., told members of his conference during a Monday night call, sources familiar with the conversation said.

2. National and many state elections are a lost cause until Democrat cheating schemes are stopped or matched.

BREAKING! MI AG Dana Nessel CONFIRMS 8,000 to 10,000 Suspected Fraudulent Registrations Delivered to Muskegon Clerk October 2020, as Noted in MI State Police Report She Buried from Public

Trump Attorney John Eastman Booked at Fulton County Jail For Challenging 2020 Democrat Election Fraud

3. The last 20yrs have taught us that our political class cannot be trusted with war powers. They will spend trillions in blood and treasure and leave the places worse than before we invaded.

4. The entire fed govt under Biden has been weaponized against the people. They serve one function: to carry out the leftist agenda.

That is not much of a cut, but an additional $20 billion in appropriations funding to the IRS is supposed to be reallocated during 2024 and 2025.

Remember the Biden Bonkers Game?

5. The media as a whole is a propaganda smear machine. Believe nothing they say.

A human-caused climate crisis has exacerbated the hot and dry conditions that allow wildfires to ignite and grow in many parts of the planet, according to a UN Environment Programme report. This has primed vulnerable areas for devastating results.

While it is difficult to link the Maui fires to the climate crisis without a thorough analysis, scientists say conditions there are consistent with trends that are known as climate changes. Specifically, parts of Maui were in a severe drought that left vegetation dried out, potentially providing fuel for wildfires.

6. The most important vote you will ever cast is for your Governor. Covid proved this.

The controversial directive for New York nursing homes to admit COVID-19 patients increased the death toll among residents — and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s claims otherwise have been disproven, according to a New York State Bar Association report exclusively obtained by The Post.

The 242-page report by the NYSBA’s Task Force on Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care also blasts Cuomo for not reversing the Department of Health’s “unreasonable” mandate sooner than he did, saying it remained in effect weeks longer than necessary.

Gov Whitmer issued 200 lockdown orders, was deemed by Michigan Courts as having broken the law.

7. Big blue jurisdictions are using their power to unleash anarcho-tyranny on their citizens. Expect zero help from police or the courts. Self-defense and good-Samaritanism have been criminalized.

Prosecutors revealed Wednesday they have additional cellphone video from witnesses in Jordan Neely’s subway chokehold death, as ex-Marine Daniel Penny pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges in the lightning-rod case.

The 24-year-old former infantry squad leader — who appeared in Manhattan Supreme Court clean-shaven and wearing a blue suit and maroon tie — was arraigned on charges of second-degree manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide during the brief, minutes-long hearing.

8. Today’s Democrat Party is a group of lawless Communists who want you gone. Dead, jailed, ruined, doesn’t matter.
John and Zee Discuss Cloward & Piven
9. The second that these Communists get all three branches of govt, to include 60 votes in the Senate, this country is over forever.

How the DoJ Interferes in Elections In Addition to Trump Indictments

Democrats and their legacy media allies began baselessly smearing the law as a GOP-orchestrated effort to “suppress” nonwhite voters. President Joe Biden grossly referred to SB 202 as “Jim Crow on steroids” and called on Major League Baseball to relocate its 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta in protest. The MLB ultimately acquiesced, condemning the law and relocating the event to Colorado. The move cost the Peach State an estimated $100 million in revenue.

10. The middle class is their main target. They intend to squeeze you thru taxation and regulation right into the poor house.

Biden admin crackdown on water heaters would go into effect in 2029 as it targets more home appliances

The Biden administration has targeted a variety of home appliances, including gas stoves, clothes washers and air conditioners

Zee wrote a great article that describes The Great Reset where they intend to shut of cheap electricity.

Rationed State: Great Reset or Great Eraser?

11. Global Warming is the primary vehicle they will use to carry out number 10.

The World Economic Forum is working with Michigan State Government to reshape manufacturing for the 4 Industrial Revolution, Clean Energy consisting of purely solar and wind.

There will be 75% less car ownership

OZFest has numerous podcasts regarding these topics

New Green Destroys Economy
Chinese CCP Owned Co Get Contracts
Less Sulfur Means More Global Warming
12. Public Schools and universities are cesspools of indoctrination and incompetence. Home school or private.
13. Covid changed everything. Your govt now believes they have a right to lock you in your home, shut your businesses, schools and churches, and force medication on you. It will happen again….


OZ Fest Morning Mission covers that in great detail in Socialist Roulette with mandates returning

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