Show Notes: Process, Progress and Destruction

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What governs a society, people or  behavior, or crisis?  Your ethics and morality would normally be the brakes on dangerous, they would be the wake up call so you would not just be a willing participant of the Milgram experiment, but would think rationally, right?

severed conscience

Severed Conscience – Controlled Environment Preview

Reshaping Behavior – What Ethics Does that Instill, or Destroy? 

For those who followed process, they perished in the fires in Maui.  Much like those who lined up immediately for the first round of mRNA vaccines.

Process is supposed to prevent these events, or at least the credentialed class maintain that the process is inerrant, well planned, and prevents a crisis from developing into a disaster.

Progress comes from following the process, and the milestones are measured in collective achievements.  You must judge Progress through a holistic lens.  Vaccines are good, therefore you taking the mRNA vaccine is doing your part for the collective good.  It doesn’t matter that this is nonsensical, as a vaccine solely benefits the one who taken the vaccine. 

Destruction is actual result, as rationality is set aside for Collective Salvation as Community goals are achieved.

New ethics of process over results in place, collective suicide is expected

The Equity of Water – The Ethics of Anti-Western / Anti Capitalism Ethics.

Obama Leadership – holistic view is the more advanced, enlightened, smarter method than standard analysis. Collective goals and dissembling gibberish rehashed over and over, a stream on cognitive dissonance laced with enough trigger words to convince you that there are listening higher dispensation.  Manuel is from the Obama Foundation.

Best Advanced Alert System in the Nation

Andaya defended his experience and qualification for office during a mid-week press conference held by Governor Josh Green. 

‘Had we sounded the siren that night, we’re afraid that people would have gotten mauka [toward the mountains] and if that was the case, then they would have gone into the fire,’ he said.

No alert was issued until 3:21 PM

Officials at a conference, but wasn’t there a process in place to compensate for their absence?

Around 6:40am on that day, a school near Lahaina was evacuated, but an emergency response call was not held until nearly five hours later, at 11am.

The fire was declared ‘contained’ by 9am, CNN reported.

Yet by 3:30pm the fire had spread so significantly around Lahaina that an evacuation order was given for the town, and Lt. Gov. Sylvia Luke, Hawaii’s acting governor, activated Hawaii’s national guard.

Are Victims Being Evicted?

Reshaping An Economy – 4th Industrial Revolution Despite Local Misgivings

Farmland now will be sacrificed for the energy plan that will consume more farmland with windmills, slave labor extracting for cobalt.

It’s appropriate, and highly ironic, that we find some wisdom from Ted Kaczynski, who attended the University of Michigan.

In any technologically advanced society the individual’s fate MUST depend on decisions that he personally cannot influence to any great extent. A technological society cannot be broken down into small, autonomous communities, because production depends on the cooperation of very large numbers of people and machines. Such a society MUST be highly organized and decisions HAVE TO be made that affect very large numbers of people. When a decision affects, say, a million people, then each of the affected individual has, on the average, only a one-millionth share in making the decision. What usually happens in practice is that decisions are made by public officials or corporation executives, or by technical specialists, but even when the public votes on a decision the number of voters ordinarily is too large for the vote of any one individual to be significant. Thus most individuals are unable to influence measurably the major decisions that affect their lives. There is no conceivable way to remedy this in a technologically advanced society. The system tries to “solve” this problem by using propaganda to make people WANT the decisions that have been made for them, but even if this “solution” were completely successful in making people feel better, it would be demeaning.

Like Maui and intervention by FEMA, we’re not allowed to know all the details of the distribution of our tax dollars.  NDA’s are in place that inhibit FOIA’s from being answered.  We have reviewed that numerous times.  Also, the number of projects and dollars funneled in such a short period is staggering.

Gotion Motion:  Podcast on Michigan and New Green Steal

So Destruction of the Environment Has Lead to Climate Change?

Do Your Part For The Collective, Get Vaccinations, All Vaccinations

Collective sacrifice for the common good, replay of COVID ethics.

Many say they did their part for the common good when they take a vaccination, but that logic is completely upside down.  A vaccine, in the sane, traditional sense, confers immunity to the individual DESPITE the status of the group.  That’s the entire point – if you’re good and up to date, then you’re safe and don’t have to worry about others.

But in this new age, reality doesn’t matter when the vaccine DOESN’T confer immunity, you scream that everyone should take, then refuse to blame those who took it, have more severe symptoms and are ultimately even more contagious. 

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