Show Notes: Summer’s Going Fast, Nights Getting Colder

Show Notes: Summer's Going Fast, Nights Growing Colder

Summer draws to a close, and we should be proud of what we harvest.

A Special Thanks

Tonight is the last episode of Summer Nights Radio for the Summer of 2023.  Summer Nights Radio was born out of a conversation, I thought it would be just a few special episodes that would showcase Severed Conscience and then would end.  But each week seeing people return regularly for my ravings, my mental leaps with six degrees of separation, hearing how you enjoyed my adventures in upstate NY and in northern Michigan and sharing music with everyone really was special for me.  I am so grateful to you for carving time on your Sunday evenings.

Sadly summer is coming to a close, and so must Summer Nights Radio.  Yes, next week is 9/21/23 and it will be fall.  But have no worries, OZFest Sunday Nights Radio will take over, we won’t give up our time on Sunday together, and as the nights approach Halloween – or as my ancestors the Celts called it, Samhain – we’ll have more fun.  Christmas will then be around the corner, and there are plenty Yuletide legends and mysteries we can discover together.  I hope you continue to enjoy the Sunday Night content as much as I have.

There will be a Summer Nights Radio 2024, you bet on that. 

Adventure Montage (Show Opener)

One Summer I woke to This Music

One summer during the 1980s I was back in upstate NY, a few weeks before I would return to MSU.  I awoke one night to this song playing on PBS of all stations.  Austin City Limits was played at 3 AM.  It’s a haunting and happy song, if you can believe it.

The song is the Cliffs of Dover, and while Michigan doesn’t have cliffs, we have sand dunes, and lots of opportunity for outdoor adventure.  Summer is nearly over, yet Michigan is one of the best places to have spent summers with my wife and kids. All our adventures came to mind as my kids are now grown. Like the fall season where we harvest our crops, my harvest is my children leaping into life and accepting the challenges that are offered to adults. I tended to them, my fall begins as I see the fruits of my labors as a parent, their life is just starting.

Time Stand Still

As a father I feel these lyrics match my sentiments each year I see my kids grow.

Summer’s going fastNights growing colderChildren growing upOld friends growing older
Freeze this momentA little bit longerMake each sensationA little bit stronger
Experience slips away Experience slips away The innocence slips away

What Would Summer Nights Radio Be Without A Bit Of Mystery

It seems Lake Michigan has it’s own version of the Bermuda Triangle.  From Wikipedia

The frequency of disappearances, shipwrecks, and plane crashes within the Great Lakes was first mentioned in Jay Gourley’s 1977 book, titled The Great Lakes Triangle. Although the exact origin of the Michigan Triangle is unknown, later authors focused on occurrences in Lake Michigan, particularly those within the bounds of the triangle.[3]

Some experts have debated about the shape and range of the triangle. One argued that the area is not a triangle, but a rectangle, or oblong shape, that encompasses most or all of Lake Michigan.[4][5]

The Lake Michigan Shipwreck Research Association claims that the triangle is a myth, contending that the triangle has no more shipwrecks than the rest of the Great Lakes. They also stated that the number of shipwrecks within the Great Lakes can be attributed to the high traffic over the lakes.[6]


Make each impression a little bit strongerFreeze this motion a little bit longer …

One last fun thing, a fun fact about where I live.  Glenn Fry of the Eagles grew up in Royal Oak Michigan where I reside with my wife and kids.  Glen graduated from in 1966.


His band member Don Henley has a haunting song about summer and regrets, about enduring for the long term.

The Boys Of Summer

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