Show Notes: Natural Law, The WHO and Sleeping Bears OH MY!

By Orange And The Mighty Humanzee

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We have thinly disguised globalism being ushered in with amazing degrees of corruption.  Kansas is just a speck in the rear view mirror Toto.

Natural Law Is A Sticking Point For Many

Natural Law, the concept that the Creator has vested without qualities and rights that are irrevocable by his fellow man.  These facets, the right to speech, freedom of movement, the right to protect himself and his property are self evident, and they transcend any laws made by man.  These concept preceded the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Those documents stated that our inalienable rights shall be protected from all forms of government.  

To the left, who suffer from post modernist thinking where there are no absolutes, these concepts are antiquated, and they get in the way of better laws created by more sophisticated women and men who better understand our times.  They are informed to the point where you no longer need to assert that the Creator has given you your rights at birth, as they can assign you the rights that no NEED to possess in order function within modern society.




The WHO Is The Tip of the Controlled Environment Spear That WEF Wants Construct

For a long time we have said that healthcare is the stealth weapon against your rights, that it harbors the awful collectivist plan to remove your options and place you under socialist control.  This speech is yet another example of the steady process to shutter society when a crisis arises.

Awakening The Sleeping Bear in Mecosta County

We in Michigan have been railroaded into accepting the premise that Electric Vehicles are the best way to provide transportation while saving the planet from destruction due to climate change.  You can find background articles here:


To our horror, a CCP owned company has received millions to open a facility in Michigan, in farm territory. 

OZFest welcomed Jason Kruse and Jeffrey Thorne from the Mecosta Environmental and Security Alliance to the podcast.  Their organization is comprised of concerned citizens of Mecosta County who feel their representatives have betrayed them in order to gain profit from the CCP based Gotion manufacturer.  They have started to fight back, it is a long battle.

Full Interview is here.

One example of the degree of corruption is the fact to some local officials purchased property prior to knowledge of the Gotion EV facility being public.  Amazingly they sold this property for millions.  Sound like a conflict of interest?

Control Books, You Control The Environment

Books published in 2008 or earlier removed from school library amid confusion around new equity-based process.

Control What Vaccines A Person Must Take, You Control the Environment

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