Show Notes: Funny Happened On The Way To The CR

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Matt Gaetz has been ramping up to vacate the Speaker of the House Chair if the CR measure is passed.  What factors are aligned against him?

OZBert Speaks

33 Trillion in Debt, Yet We need MORE, MORE MONEY

Today, the Treasury announced that for the first time, total US debt has surpassed $33 trillion, rising by $56 billion in one day, and by a mindblowing $1 trillion in just the past 3 months!

Gaetz On Budget CR

Gaetz To Vacate The Chair, Threat Or Promise?

Susan Collins Will Wear A Bikini In The Senate!! 

Will Baubert’s Boobs Mean Blackmail?

She didn’t do the worst thing, clearly, but she did do the dumbest thing.  Rs and Ds want to use anything they can.

Lauren Boebert has blamed her ‘overly animated personality’ for the sleazy behavior that got her and her lover kicked out of a production of Beetlejuice the musical. 

The Republican firebrand was caught indulging in public heavy-petting with her beau Quinn Gallagher, who is believed to be a Democrat, as well as vaping in the theater. 

Toe-curling footage showed Gallagher rubbing Boebert’s breasts as she tugged at his crotch at the theater in Denver, Colorado. 

Zelensky Of The Shire Will Save The Planet, With Your Money

Zelensky dressed down in fatigues to talk down to the world.

Grandma Death Has a Chicken Kiev Spirit Cooking Recipe

The Clinton Global Initiative has announced a new organization to help rebuild Ukraine and provide humanitarian aid to those impacted by Russia’s 18-month invasion.

In New York, officials at the Clinton Global Initiative 2023 announced the CGI Ukraine Action Network, as well as numerous financial pledges, to support nonprofits working in Ukraine, as the two-day annual conference opens on Monday.

The new organization, which will be formally announced Tuesday, is designed to mobilize existing CGI partners and other leaders from around the world, to create and finance new commitments for Ukrainians.

Hillary Clinton

Digital First Amendment

The Elite think we need AI to help protect us from awful thoughts, like liberty

The First Anti-Woke AI GatGPT on Free Speech

Our federal government operates in a partnership with large, private firms to anticipate and informally execute the regulation of the American people, regardless of official action. It launders its agenda. We have all learned of the alliance between the tech oligarchs and the national security establishment. Their union has produced a “counter-disinformation” complex whose goal is the total control of the Internet and public speech.

AI journalism is uniformly produced in assistance of the narrative that the public requires regulation in advance of a national security event or, as is more fashionable, because the public cannot be trusted to live online with its own information interests. American journalism is here an extension of our government’s civil service.

Defense Distributed, in releasing GatGPT, declares a Digital Second Amendment. Americans must have access to compute, databases, and AI models, the newest weapons of the digital age, not just to defend ourselves against corporate and government depredations, but to defend our civic identity and humanity.

F35 Found

The Pentagon is facing urgent questions over how it lost an $80million aircraft that was finally found crashed in a field just 80 miles from its base following a frantic 28-hour search.

The Marine pilot of the F-35B Lightning II took off on Sunday from Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina – but an unexplained issue forced him to eject.

At 761 MPH, the plane traveled 80 miles distance, is 7.5 minutes and the wing man turned and flew back to base immediately?

The plane was flying in tandem with another jet, which returned to base after the mishap rather than following the pilot-less aircraft.

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