Show Notes: Controlled Environment

By Orange and The Mighty Humanzee

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We were lead to believe that the 15 MInute City was the prison, yet they constructed a 15 Second Prison of the Mind.

Severed Conscience Thus Far

What is “Controlled Environment”?

Controlled Environment is the ultimate goal of those who wield Severed Conscience as imposed by AI and social media.  Is more than the lockdowns, it is more than the dystopic vision of the 15 Minute Cities.  It is the ability to place people in self imposed, confined of existence and breed the instinct to venture out the open gates from our being.  It’s the antithesis of Natural Law.

Aldus Huxley, author of the dystopian novel A Brave New World, summed up the theory succinctly.  

“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.”

If you are fearful of roaming without your yoke, you are less likely to struggle to break free.  For men and women, their mind is their most powerful gift and the most dangerous weapon when used against them.  Severed Conscience, the mental state where we are cut off from our instincts and faculties that enable us to think and experience our environment, is the prison where we are held captive.


Signals of a Controlled Environment – Whitmer Kidnapping Trials

A Controlled Environment created by Severed Conscience as the ability to quickly construct a narrative against people in order to protect the Controlled Environment and our leaders.  Parallel Construction of a case against enemies or those who need to be made an example of will serve to silence the majority.  Michigan Governor Whitmer and the FBI accused Michigan citizens of plotting to kidnap her, the FBI has 12 paid informants who acted in concert with 5 individuals who were goaded into enacting this plan.  A wide net was cast, with two  failed trials occurred and people who were falsely accused on mere affiliation with supposed white supremacist groups held forced to spend three years of their lives proving they were innocent. 

Protestors during COVID peacefully assembled at Capitol with Open Carry Accused of Terrorist Extremism

Open Carry at the Lansing Capitol is LEGAL, yet Republican Leaders act as gatekeepers.

“A threat against our governor is a threat against us all,” Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey said in a statement.

And Michigan Republican Party Chair Laura Cox noted, “We live in a nation where we settle our political disagreements at the ballot box, not through violence, and any attempt to do otherwise is an attack on our Constitution, our values, and our American way of life.”

More Informants Than Plotters

2 Trials Over 3 Years, Only 2 Sentenced, 1st Trial Declared Mistrial

Julie Kelly has reported extensively on the activity of the FBI, deemed by many as entrapment.  Suspects were incarcerated for 3 years, similar to the J6 menagerie in Washington DC.  It is interesting to note that Kelly has stated that informants and FBI personnel active in Michigan were re-assigned to Jan 6 prosecutions.

Two other FBI agents who handled Chappel were removed from the government’s witness list amid accusations of unethical conduct. Stephen Robeson, a longtime FBI informant and convicted felon, also was fired for committing at least two other crimes while working on the Whitmer investigation. Known to the defendants as “Steve,” Robeson coordinated numerous events including a militia conference in Dublin, Ohio in June 2020 and training exercises in his home state of Wisconsin. After the government accused him of acting as a “double agent” and Robeson threatened to plead the Fifth, Judge Jonker denied defense counsel’s motion to compel his testimony.

Harris and Caserta, who have been incarcerated since their arrests in October 2020, were released from custody. Fox and Croft will remain in prison as the government decides its next move.

There Was So Much Construction and Lying By Prosecution And Dana Nessel Even FBI Couldn’t Keep Up

Many innocent people were accused of being in an extremist white supremacist militia, yet the FBI had never heard of the group that Dana Nessel claimed were at the root of a conspiracy.   Innocent suspects took three years to clear their names in Antrim County and other areas.

Plenty of groups talk about overthrowing the government, “but the question is, at what point do they cross over from expressing their First Amendment rights to free speech to a criminal conspiracy?” said Andrew Arena, director of the Detroit Crime Commission and a former Special Agent in Charge of the Detroit FBI office.

Arena, who also hadn’t heard of the Wolverine Watchmen before Thursday, said the allegations against the group are “eerily similar” to the 2010 case involving the Hutaree militia movement, which was based near Adrian.

Trumps Civil Case in NY For Overstating Value of Businesses Is Also Colossal Construction

Evidence WEF Controlled Environment – Gotion

For the first time in the history of state AND in our country’s history, we have a MASSIVE movement to construct Green Energy EV battery plants in Michigan.  This is not organic, so fare 4.1 Billion dollars, the highest ever in the state, is being spent by government to create an new sector of industry.  With little demand for the actual product.

This is in complete concert with the World Economic Forum plans as we have discussed here:

Show Notes: Michigan Mission – Gotion in Motion


Insider Trading Enables Benefit For Few, Citizens Ignored
Citizens Gather Their Own Data As Official
All Fossil Fuel Turned Off By 2035

Politicians Are Trained In Tactics of Persuasion, Hegelian Dialectic.  Why Is That Necessary?

Our tax dollars are now spent under the guidance of MINDSPACE program, where the public sector assumes responsibility for changing behavior via use of subtle coercion.  

This report focuses on the more automatic or context-based drivers of behaviour, including the surrounding „choice environment‟.

This type of intervention is similar to the „nudges‟ outlined by Thaler and Sunstein, which often involve apparently minor alterations to the choices and environment in which people act.

Priming shows that people‟s subsequent behaviour may be altered if they are first exposed to certain sights, words or sensations. In other words, people behave differently if they have been „primed‟ by certain cues beforehand.

Training Politicians and bureaucrats the art of MINDSCAPE and policy that alters behavior 

Page 59 – Alter behavior of using cars for short trips.

In order to counter positive self-images of using a car, the local authority wanted to tap into alternate sources of positive self-image: the desire to be a responsible citizen. Commitment devices were used in order to encourage people to be consistent with this self-image. People were asked to commit to not using their car

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