Show Notes: Hero Worship

By Orange and The Mighty Humanzee

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Controlled Environment has many who pose as heroes, but just lure you back into the prison of the mind.

Don't Blink.  Why?  Because Things Happen When You're Not Paying Attention

Let’s Make Search Safe Again

We have seen numerous examples of how AI needs to be made safe.  Elon says we need a “TruthGPT” that will ensure all statements have a high validity factor.  The Biden administration has created a new department that will oversee the use of AI to ensure there are no racial overtones in AI research, that equity is delivered.

Algorithms used in hiring and credit decisions have been found to reflect and reproduce existing unwanted inequities or embed new harmful bias and discrimination. Unchecked social media data collection has been used to threaten people’s opportunities, undermine their privacy, or pervasively track their activity—often without their knowledge or consent.

You should be protected from unsafe or ineffective systems. Automated systems should be developed with consultation from diverse communities, stakeholders, and domain experts to identify concerns, risks, and potential impacts of the system. Systems should undergo pre-deployment testing, risk identification and mitigation, and ongoing monitoring that demonstrate they are safe and effective based on their intended use, mitigation of unsafe outcomes including those beyond the intended use, and adherence to domain-specific standards.

What does it mean, though, when the CEO of Microsoft offers his AI enhanced search platform Bing to be made into a utility?  The condition is that EVERYONE would be forced to use it, and it would be regulated by the Federal government.  Didn’t the government want to break up Microsoft in the 90s because everyone was forced to use it’s browser?

A creative new example of this weaponization of government was revealed recently when Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stepped up to testify during the Justice Department’s antitrust trial against Google.  

While sitting in the courtroom, we heard gasps as the CEO of the second-largest corporation on the planet, Nadella, declared that Microsoft would run its Bing search engine as a “public utility” — only if Biden were to force everyone to use Bing by default.  

How Do We Make AI Look Less Scary – It Can Make You Look Like A Hero

One of the phrases that Zee use’s is gradual approximation, meaning that with incremental, slow steps you are are made to accustomed to concepts that you normally would outright reject.  Your mind, having seen imagery over and over, is not shocked when presented with the awful truth for the 50th time.  While AI is not SkyNet and will not instruct your car to kill you, it can be used to present you with images and conversation that can you steer in directions that you normally would not consider.  In Severed Conscience we have talked many times about social media showing you what AI algorithms have determined matches your personality and mood based on your interaction while Tweeting away.  One way to soften the paranoia about AI is to make it fun.  Bing has incorporated AI, but that’s ok, it can also entertain you.  Look at this trend on the weekend Biden announces that search should be regulated.  Bing is fun, it won’t be so bad if it observes your search habits and adjusts the output for you.

No equal protections with COVID. 

Denial of information re COVID destroyed equal protections.  If search is regulated to the point where you can’t see items contrary to CDC or FDA recommendations, doesn’t that erase your equal protection when you can’t make a medical decision for yourself with all the facts?  O has written about the American Disabilities Act and it drive to ensure internet access for everyone at the expense of your privacy.

During COVID the federal and state governments eliminated your rights in order to protect the vulnerable from a virus whose symptoms where not easily ascertained.

  • SCOTUS – no ability to regulate as a utility
  • Fed is trying to define for us, but does not have the power to do so

Are we wrong for questioning candidacy?

We are presented with heroes.  We have need to look for someone from afar to solve our problems.  While Robert F Kennedy Jr should be applauded for his book The Real Anthony Fauci and compiling a history of Big Pharma and government collusion, he has been the champion of silencing others and punishing those who are opposed to the Climate Change agenda. Many want him to run as President because he will fix the CDC, and he recognizes what it means to be silenced.  Does he, really?  In 2014 he has made some alarming statements.  “I wish there was a law to punish them under …”

When we worship heroes, we tend to ignore the qualities of true leadership.  We also do not focus on strengthening those qualities within ourselves.  We wait for the right personality to come along.  In Severed Conscience we talk about MINDSPACE, a framework controlling the narrative and using emotional cues and social pressure to bring about a result.  The word “nudge” is used over and over again.  Why do techniques of language and gentle emotion coercion need to be used?

Who Watches The Watchers

We foster an environment where our experts pass laws AND remove rights of minority – what are people’s ambitions who run who eliminate rights of the minority?

If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.

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