Show Notes: Gretch’s Population Telethon Or Michigan Ain’t So Horrific

By Orange And The Mighty Humanzee

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Buh buh buh we were told we had the best response to COVID, we had the best economy.  Why do we need a department and commission dedicated to repopulating our state, can’t the MEDC do that?

A Little Bit Of Rationed State For Your Holidays

We projected we would hear more food production issues, wished we were wrong.  Rationed State last year got us focused on that issue.

Rationed State, Rationed Formula

Rationed Beef: Meat Is Off The Menu

Four children in North Carolina were found to have high levels of lead in their blood linked to the puree products, health officials said. State health officials analysed multiple lots of the product and detected “extremely high” concentrations of lead. The FDA confirmed the results and said they could lead to “acute toxicity.”

In fact Darth Nessel joined a cluster whack party before the election with 23 other Attorney Generals to push the FDA for higher standards.  But remember that whenever a crazed monopoly socialist tool like Darth gets involved, it’s to destroy.  The standards proposed only lead to more FDA budget requirements and less actual prevention as they demonstrated during the baby formula fiasco.

Relocate To Michigan’s Controlled Environment, the 15 Minute City Haven for WEF Members and Industry 5.0

Smart Cities will make you feel like your 250 square foot domicile is right on the shores of Lake Michigan while you dodge homeless in the Cass Corridor.

Let’s Tour How Gretch Is Going To Overcome No Jobs, No Energy And Waste Dollars Getting Millenials With No Children To Come To Our State.  All’s It Takes Is Website


Gretch Still Won’t Submit to FOIA Requests

Darth, Gretch and Benson tell us we have the most secure elections on the planet, yet Gretch is unwilling to submit to FOIA requests.  Sounds like an articles Zee wrote when we first learned of the CCP becoming our  Mother WEFer Mentor.  FOIA For Thee, Not For Me

Looks like Gretch didn’t read Zee’s article.

Michigan and Massachusetts are the only states that exempt the governor and Legislature from the law that allows the citizens to obtain public records. 

Democrats who lead the Legislature had promised to change the law this year, but now acknowledge they are punting any action on that front until at least next year. 

“We need to make sure that the Legislature is also transparent, and I know that if I do It unilaterally, they will lose any motivation to do anything,” Whitmer told reporters Thursday when asked why she had not fulfilled her campaign pledge.

“And so it is a part of leveraging to get it done right, not just done unilaterally and can be undone by the next governor.”

Gretch Won’t Disclose How Much Her Husband Makes

Same article, different criminal nonsense.  Compare Gretch when she was a mere state legislature member to now that she is queen with a shiny forehead. 

But speaking with reporters after the event, the governor she favors the limited spousal disclosure proposed in the Senate bills, which would only require elected officials and candidates to report the name and occupation of their spouse — not the spouse’s actual income, employer or separately held assets. 

“There is a legitimate concern that that kind of information will be held against female candidates for positions in a way that it won’t be held against male candidates for positions,” Whitmer told reporters.


WEF EV Lies In the Same Sentence

Mallory McMurrow, state senator, just said that market demand is pushing EVs and not government.  Combustable

“Anybody who is trying to convince you that it is a mandated transition is lying,” Sen. Mallory McMorrow, D-Royal Oak, said to close her speech.

But McMorrow started her remarks by admitting the role of governments in the transition.

“The reality is that more than a dozen countries around the world, including the population of most industrialized nations have already determined that they will be phasing out internal combustion vehicles within a few years,” McMorrow said. “Maybe within the next five years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years.”

Too bad the automakers are pumping the breaks because, well, the market doesn’t support the polluting, inefficient Electric Vehicles.

But automakers are telling a different story, driven by feedback from auto buyers. Rather than ramp up EV production, they’re slowing down.

Ford on Thursday — the day of the McMorrow speech — announced it is pausing $12 billion in planned EV investments. Last month, Ford paused work on BlueOval Battery Park in Marshall, a $3.5 billion project buoyed by $1.7 billion in taxpayer money and tax abatements.

That project faced local opposition and questions from three congressional committees about Ford’s business arrangement with CATL, a Chinese company and its partner at the facility. Ford has not announced whether that project will resume.

Ford’s backtrack on EVs comes despite a $9 billion loan from the U.S. Department of Energy, announced in June, for its EV facilities in Kentucky and Tennessee. One of the two Kentucky facilities covered by the loan was put on pause. The second, BlueOval City, will continue, CNBC reported.

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