Show Notes: Manifesto Destiny or Density

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How many times have found that there are patterns that the media wants you to ignore.  The same holds true with the Nashville shooter manifesto.

OZBert Speaks

David Hogg Auditions For the Reboot of Quest For Fire.  He thought it was Quest For Firearms

Google EV Bus Looses Power, Rolls Back Down San Fran Hill

Don’t your brakes work when your car engine is off?  Remember, batteries add weight, lots of it.  You can’t escape Force = Mass X Acceleration.  Newton’s revenge.

Multiple vehicles were damaged after the bus collided with them, police said.

A person inside one of the involved vehicles sustained injuries and was transported to a hospital. The extent of their injuries has not been disclosed.

Support Your Local Congressman Lunch Program

Many, like AOC, are not from the priviledged white upper class.  They need help with some lunch money.

Thanks to a backroom deal, House members can now claim automatic reimbursement of $258 a night for lodging expenses and $79 a day for meals in DC — even if they don’t spend a dime.

But though House members can pocket up to $34,000 a year in additional tax dollars, it’s not a pay raise because politicians are entitled to use false labels for everything they do.

AOC while claiming to have been a bartender, never saw a garbage disp0sal.  I guess they don’t have those in bars.


Nashville Shooter Manifesto

7 Months With a Clear Motive.  Suppressed.

The Manifesto was discovered in March 2023.  Local authorities have confirmed that Crowder’s source is legitimate.

Same Media / Big Tech Pattern of Lies Silencing Truth

Where Were Mental Health Professionals?
The Nashville shooter made entrees in her diary in two voices, Aidan and Audrey.  She was also see mental health professionals who somehow were unable to identify that she was a danger.

Hale’s own parents did not know that Hale possessed multiple firearms, mistakenly believing that Hale had owned just one gun, then sold it, Drake said. The chief added that the mother and father felt Hale should not have owned any weapons due to mental health concerns.

The mother, on seeing Hale leave the house with a red bag Monday morning, had questioned what was in the bag, the chief said.

Hale “was under care, a doctor’s care, for an emotional disorder,” the chief told reporters during a news briefing, without elaborating.

Transgender Is Not Considered A Mental Health Issue, Would It Be Excluded from Red Flag Laws

We have reported on the efforts in the medical community to increase gender re-assignment.  There are numerous law suits in Britain against the Tavistock Institute and the NHS and the high rate of puberty blockers prescribed and operations. 

The Hidden Hand of The Tavistock Institute

The National Health Service and Tavistock institute have come under scrutiny.  The idea of studying group dynamics had evolved to something more sinister:  transgender reassignment therapy.  Social influence specifically from groups whose goals are to “nudge” people toward specifics ends is achieved through social media content designed to steer decisions and shape ideologies.  An evolving framework of control that also actively recruits new members and then funnels them to experts.

Matt Rey, a patient who transitioned back to his biological sex, has now entered into a lawsuit against the National Health Service and the Tavistock Institute, claiming the therapist at the clinic conduct unsafe, predatory practices.

As a confused and isolated teenager, Rey looked to the internet for answers. FTM individuals who shared glamorous stories about transitioning convinced Rey that a new identity was the solution to happiness.

Turning to the gender identity clinic at the Tavistock Institute in the UK, Rey was surprised to learn that access to “gender-affirming care” was so easy—one visit with a primary doctor, two consultations at the gender identity clinic, then bloodwork—were all it took to begin the transitioning process.


Election Results

Kelly Trowhill, Tribe Member and team member of Severed Conscience WON School Board Seat

Voters recall Sandusky school board members; pass millage




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