Show Notes: AI Said So

By Orange and The Mighty Humanzee

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Increasingly we see a reliance on remote, and automated systems as an expression of faith, whether it be genetic testing guiding our health decisions, or AI acting as a sentinel for our education.

AI Better At Policing Human Behavior Than Humans

Big Tech social media companies are THE authority on online behavior, they assure us their AI detection systems are superior to  human interaction.

Increasingly we are turning to authority to do our thinking.  Just a few years ago that was a select group on experts who we conversed with via the Internet.  WebMD, Wikipedia are entities that represent the efforts of trained of subject matter experts who provide the best advice or knowledge that is the result of the collective wisdom of crowds.  Crowdsourced knowledge, where debate is measured in terms of votes, clicks or likes, is thought to have a greater value than the thinking of a lone person.

But over the course of a year we have been admonished that the limits human reasoning can be overcome with the infallibility of Artificial Intelligence; the Dead Internet theory that we discussed in Zed’s Dead tells us that the majority of interactions on social media is in reality with an automated bot or AI.  This has sadly led many in the mental health profession to extol the use of AI chat bots to combat loneliness, and the underlying  be used to gauge mindset and recommend further treatment if needed.  The lesson is:  AI can process more data more rapidly and process trends more effectively than humans, ergo AI should be the de facto judge on human matters.

Meta (Facebook) Uses AI To More Effectively Police Pedophiles on Instagram


Scott Adams Echoes What We Saw In Severed Conscience About Chat GPT

Our Work With Chat GPT

In April O and Zee ran extensive experiments in Chat GPT and these sessions resulted in surprising and alarming revelations.  For one, Chat GPT can be influenced and coaxed into providing answers with just a bit of persistence.  Another alarming result was the refusal to depict governing officials responsible for misery during the COVID lockdowns in a negative light.


AI And Algorithms Magically Do What They are Designed To Do at United Health Systems

UnitedHealth pushed employees to follow an algorithm to cut off Medicare patients’ rehab care

It’s AI, it’s Science it’s inerrant.  Thus, do was we prescribe:

UnitedHealthcare, the largest health insurance company in the US, is allegedly using a deeply flawed AI algorithm to override doctors’ judgments and wrongfully deny critical health coverage to elderly patients. This has resulted in patients being kicked out of rehabilitation programs and care facilities far too early, forcing them to drain their life savings to obtain needed care that should be covered under their government-funded Medicare Advantage Plan.

That’s all according to a lawsuit filed this week in the US District Court for the District of Minnesota. The lawsuit is brought by the estates of two deceased people who were denied health coverage by UnitedHealth. The suit also seeks class-action status for similarly situated people, of which there may be tens of thousands across the country.

What is alarming is that they can’t explain how the nH Predict algorithm works exactly.  And was REQUIRED to be used to force patients off of recovery plans.  United Health publicly stated that AI was the guidepost, but internal communications show that management FORCED it’s use. 

The Culture of Testing Without Thinking

We are becoming accustomed to online services to be authorities for healthcare.  While many wish test results could be delivered by humans, we are losing that battle to retain human contact.  If 23AndMe is infallible with it’s genetic testing – and how would you ever verify with a remote service – it’s only a matter of time that we become accustomed to chat bots who seem human bet the bearer of bad news. 

23andMe had devastating news about my health. I wish a person had delivered it

The other trend that COVID thrust upon us is to be reliant on early testing.  We are now thoroughly, if not erroneously, convinced that genetics is destiny with regards to healthcare.  While genetics plays a factor in illness, it doesn’t lay out a complete blue print of your life.  Testing and the belief that greed for health dollars doesn’t drive the number of tests and procedures that we are required to do places us on a treadmill.  It also feeds neurosis that we have impending doom with respects to our health, it also instills a unfounded confidence in “genetic counseling”.

As 23andMe earns FDA approval for more tests (and sends those results to me), I’ll continue to look at my results and assess my risks because, unlike many other people, I now have a genetic counselor on my side who I can turn to with any worrisome indications. As much as I would have liked to have gotten my initial results in a medical setting, I feel like I’m better armed to deal with genetic information now that I’ve been through it once.

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