Show Notes: Blinded By Science?

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We’re going to ask you to consider the words from someone we all loved in 10 minutes they sum up the rut we are stuck in.  You need to ask yourself what has changed.

Back to 2006, Or Is This Happening Today?

While listening which people of note from the present can be swapped in?

If China Is A Tool of The WEF, Why Do All Sides Push Us There?

Putin, while justified in reacting to the encroachment on Russia’s borders, is also aligned with the Chinese.  His praise of an “interconnected” world harkens to the same New World Order that we are warned about.  Yet has he achieved hero status after Tucker’s interview?

We have transcript of the interview, it is fascinating.

PRESIDENT PUTIN: Yes…You were initially trained in history, as far as I know?


PRESIDENT PUTIN: So if you don’t mind I will take only 30 seconds or one minute of your time for giving you a little historical background.


Then Putin takes 13 minutes instead of 30 seconds.

Putin “China Is Inevitable”

Third, China’s foreign policy philosophy is not aggressive, its idea is to always look for compromise, and we can see that.

The next point is as follows. We are always told the same boogeyman story, and here it goes again, though in a euphemistic form, but it is still the same bogeyman story: the cooperation with China keeps increasing. The pace at which China’s cooperation with Europe is growing is higher and greater than that of the growth of Chinese-Russian cooperation. Ask Europeans: aren’t they afraid? They might be, I do not know, but they are still trying to access China’s market at all costs, especially now that they are facing economic problems. Chinese businesses are also exploring the European market.

Do Chinese businesses have small presence in the United States? Yes, the political decisions are such that they are trying to limit their cooperation with China.

Putin’s Views of Elon Musk

PRESIDENT PUTIN: Well, I think there’s no stopping Elon Musk, he will do as he sees fit. Nevertheless, you need to find some common ground with him, search for ways to persuade him. I think he’s a smart person, I truly believe he is. So you need to reach an agreement with him because this process needs to be formalized and subjected to certain rules.

Humanity has to consider what is going to happen due to the newest developments in genetics or in AI. One can make an approximate prediction of what will happen. Once mankind felt an existential threat coming from nuclear weapons, all nuclear nations began to come to terms with one another since they realized that negligent use of nuclear weaponry could drive humanity to extinction.

It is impossible to stop research in genetics or AI today, just as it was impossible to stop the use of gunpowder back in the day. But as soon as we realize that the threat comes from unbridled and uncontrolled development of AI, or genetics, or any other fields, the time will come to reach an international agreement on how to regulate these things.

Globalism is the End Game, No Matter Left or Right “Pedigree” of Politician

To the globalists, China is the future model.  And we MUST tie our economy to theirs.  We talked about this and how this is part of the Great Reset in Rationed State.  Article is here.

And who is building all the EV facilities in the US?  China.  Look to Michigan.  That is the future.  US employee layoffs, subsidized by our taxes while we invite experts from China.

Gotion is CCP Company

Ford is relying on Chinese for Marshal Battery Facility

The Carbon Tax’s Biggest Proponent

Elawn stated a few months ago that fossil fuels were still very critical to industry and the implication is that we needed them.  What has changed?

And even Tucker is making unscientific statements regarding CO2, for in the Putin Interview he states:

TUCKER CARLSON: But I’m confused. I mean, that’s the biggest act of industrial terrorism ever and it’s the largest emission of C02 in history. Okay, so, if you had evidence and presumably, given your security services, your Intel services, you would, that NATO, the U.S., CIA, the West did this, why wouldn’t you present it and win a propaganda victory?

This is NOT accurate.  Volcanoes have released more CO2 into the atmosphere, and Mount Tambora released so much debris and CO2 that blotted out the sun.  We allow those unversed in science set our course in the name of science.  It leads us to disaster.  It leads us to carbon tax, to the Chinese System. 

Elawn says that our destiny is tied to China.  Remember he wants to sell EVs, he wants the China market.  No fossil fuels will drive market to his products, and the largest market is n China.

Musk, making his first trip to China in three years, apparently felt the same (even though Twitter is blocked in China and Musk did not tweet while in the country). He told the foreign minister that China and the United States were “conjoined twins” with inseparable interests, according to Chinese readouts.

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