Show Notes: Michigan Shrinkage and Logically AI

Orange and The Mighty Humanzee

Erode 2A and then 1A rights will follow.  Michigan in shrinking in population, in great part because of the erosion of liberty.  And the erosion of 1A rights is now the target of Artificially.AI a British firm that uses a to fight misinformation.

Rise and Shine! Shorty Long

You won’t get gun control by disarming law abiding citizens.  There’s only one way to get real gun control.  Disarm the thugs and criminals, lock them up and if you don’t lose the key at least lose it for a long time.  It’s a nasty truth that those who seek to inflict harm are not phased by gun controllers.

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Replacing Someone’s Right with The  Ability To End Another’s Rights

In Severed Conscience we featured these wise words from X from Cuban.  His answer as to why it is easy to convert people to lord over others is to appeal to their sense of power.  You don’t mind what you lose in terms of your rights if you are empowered to end the rights of others.


Michigan 2A Rights – SHRANK

Michigan has enabled the Snitch State with Red Flags that enable a judge to order you surrender any weapons based on the potential of violence.  You have 24 hours to surrender BEFORE you can address charges dropped on you by an ex-girlfriend or neighbor.   You lose your gun for 8 years. 

You now have to power to take someone else’s rights.  Note how this is all because of mental health concerns, it’s all for you benefit to protect you.  If there is a child in the home, you must keep the weapon cable lock.  Will CPS get involved if there is a phone call and they knock on the door? 

The new laws:

Safe Storage:  unloaded and locked, either with a locking device like a trigger lock or in a gun safe or case if the gun owner reasonably knows the firearm could become accessible to a minor.  Penalties can vary from a misdemeanor, carrying up to 93 days in jail if a minor is able to possess the firearm in public to up to 15 years in prison 

Universal background checks: Privates are included as well.  What used to apply to CPL now applies across the board

  • They have to be a United States citizen or a legal resident.
  • They can’t be subject to specified orders outlined in the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN).
  • They can’t have a pending felony charge or other disqualifying criminal charge within a specified timeframe to application outlined in current law
  • They can’t be barred from possessing or distributing a firearm under the current law.
  • A judge must not have determined them to currently be insane or legally incapacitated in the state or be involuntarily committed to a care facility due to mental illness.

Misdemeanor domestic violence offenses will now warrant an eight-year ban on possessing, purchasing and distributing firearms:  Ex girlfriends, former house mates can now qualify to report someone for removal of their ability to purchase weapons for 8 years.

Red Flags Laws: 

  • The individual’s spouse or former spouse
  • Someone with whom the individual has a child
  • Someone with whom the individual is in a dating relationship or has been in a dating relationship
    • “Dating relationship” is defined in the law as “a relationship that consists of frequent, intimate associations primarily characterized by the expectation of affectional involvement. Dating relationship does not include a casual relationship or an ordinary fraternization between 2 individuals in a business or social context.”
  • Someone residing or a past resident of the individual’s household 
  • A family member, specifically a parent; a son or daughter; a sibling; an uncle or aunt; a grandparent; a grandchild; or a first cousin.
  • A law enforcement officer
  • A mental health professional

If Red Flag is issued:  A court has to make a determination on an ERPO. Once an ERPO is granted, the individual has generally 24 hours to relinquish all their firearms and ammunition to law enforcement. A hearing to allow a person to contest an ERPO would have to be scheduled within 14 days after the order is served or five days if they are a member of law enforcement.

Law Enforcement Is Concerned New Laws Are Unclear

Law enforcement and court officials said there will be a learning curve in the first few weeks of the laws’ taking effect, in part because the early adjournment of session last year meant the state court system had a shorter period of time to develop rules for one of the largest pieces of the legislation. Final court rules regarding the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act, sometimes referred to as a red flag law, were issued Feb. 6, a week before the law was set to take effect.

Law enforcement officials expressed some misgivings about the red flag law, specifically related to its potential misuse against officers who have to carry firearms as a condition of employment and the law’s dependence on law enforcement to carry out the confiscation of guns.

“I worry about it,” said Jim Tignanelli, president for the Police Officers Association of Michigan. “I don’t want anybody to get killed. … This is a pretty broad brush in my opinion and I don’t think it’s going to get enforced all that well.”


Strong EV Sales Will Destroy 113,000 Laws

If EV adoption goes faster and 100% of new sales after 2040 are EVs, “the job loss in motor vehicle and parts manufacturing would occur sooner and be larger than we have forecast,” the report says.

If Southeast Michigan retained its market share during a fast EV transition, “employment in motor vehicles, bodies, and parts manufacturing in the U.S. would decline by 30 percent in 2050 relative to 2019,” the forecast reads. “In this scenario, total U.S. industry employment comes to 700,840 jobs in 2050.”

In that scenario, Southeast Michigan would lose 113,000 people, compared to the 2050 baseline estimate.  In this scenario, the population of Southeast Michigan would decline by roughly 332,000 by 2050 


These figures are just for the Big Three auto companies and may not accommodate for losses of OEMs and other suppliers.

Logically.AI Powering the Fight Against Free Speech, or Disinformation

Big Tech and Government have yet another avenue in which censorship can be carried out.  One such firm is Logically.AI, a British company with an amazing stack of technology and an even more frightening far reach in traditional dinosaur media, government agency and Silicon Valley.  Logically.AI is in the business of spotting trending ideas by scouring millions of messages, and identifying concepts that are about to go viral.  If spotted early on by the AI systems employed at Logically, counter measures can be created.  And rapidly using Natural Language Models like O and Zee have demonstrated.

Essentially Big Tech has can outsource the censorship activities to third parties, and Logically.AI has proven an effective supplier of that service.

The close ties to Silicon Valley provide unusual reach. “When Logically rates a piece of content as false, Facebook will significantly reduce its distribution so that fewer people see it, apply a warning label to let people know that the content has been rated false, and notify people who try to share it,” Meta and Logically announced in a 2021 press release on the partnership.

Meta and Logically did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

There is a new field called Anticipatory Intelligence.  This means that AI is used to predict if a concept will become viral, or if a certain person is about to become influential based how the type of ideas they have expressed in the past and the likelihood that they can build an audience for new emerging concepts.  If that can be detected and de-emphasized in time, it will contain the idea to a small group of people.  And it is not only Big Tech that is availing itself of Logically’s services.  Oregon used Logically to protect the 2022 election from harmful disinformation. 

The following year, the state of Oregon negotiated with Logically for a wide-ranging effort to monitor campaign-related content during the 2022 midterm elections. In a redacted proposal for the project, Logically noted that it would check claims against its “single source of truth database,” which relied on government data, and would also crack down on “malinformation” – a term of art that refers to accurate information that fuels dangerous narratives. The firm similarly sold Oregon on its ability to pressure social media platforms for content removal.

Yes, government will pressure social media platforms to remove content. 

In response, the Oregon Secretary of State’s office, which initiated the contract with Logically, claimed “no authority, ability, or desire to censor speech.” Diehl disputes this. He pointed out that the original proposal with Logically clearly states that its service “enables the opportunity for unlimited takedown attempts” of alleged misinformation content and the ability for the Oregon Secretary of State’s office to “flag for removal” any “problematic narratives and content.” The contract document touts Logically as a “trusted entity within the social media community” that gives it “preferred status that enables us to support our client’s needs at a moment’s notice.”

But the stalwart Elon Musk will resist, right?

In 2022 Logically was hard at work in Canada during the trucker protests.  Some of these claims were never verified.

In 2022, Logically used its technology on behalf of Canadian law enforcement to target the trucker-led “Freedom Convoy” against COVID-19 mandates, according to government records. Logically’s team floated theories that the truckers were “likely influenced by foreign adversaries,” a widely repeated claim used to denigrate the protests as inauthentic.

The push to discredit the Canadian protests showed the overlapping power of Logically’s multiple arms. While its social media surveillance wing fed reports to the Canadian government, its editorial team worked to influence opinion through the news media.

Logically not only analyzes vast amount of data, it’s AI software will prepare counter measures in the forms of generated scripts, tweets and potential news stories that have been used against targets.  The latest example is Russell Brand during his alleged sexual abuse scandal.  In other words AI is helping real people by generating propaganda RAPIDLY.  LIES ON STEROID.

But the site took dramatic action when the sexual allegations, none of which have been proved in court, were published in the media. Ondrak, Logically’s investigations head, provided different quotes to nearly half a dozen news outlets – including Vice, Wired, the BBC, and two separate articles in The Times – that depicted Brand as a dangerous purveyor of misinformation who had finally been held to account.

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