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Has Michigan given up, just like it has relented on protecting 2A rights?  We ignore depression caused by school closings, ignore calls for warrant-less search of homeschool residences.

First We Have To Wake Up

Let The Right Darth In

Michigan is sweeping toward a surveillance state, with the Department of Education pursuing those who want to instruct their own kids.  Homeschoolers may have to register their children with local districts if the State gets it’s way, with Democrats calling to require frequent check-ins to prevent abuse of children at the hands of the own parents.

The impetus for this move is based on a case handled by Michigan AG Dana “Darth” Nessel where a foster family, which happens to homeschool, was accused of abusing the foster children.  Never mind that CPS has oversight already over foster families and this has no connection to home schooling families.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and a Democratic state lawmaker are calling for more state oversight into homeschooling following recent reports of child abuse where officials say homeschool helped conceal mistreatment by caregivers.

Israel Wayne, with the Michigan Christian Homeschool Network, said that his organization believes additional oversight would not decrease reports of child abuse. Instead, Wayne said cases such as the Flore and Brown case should lead to more calls into accountability over Children’s Protective Services.

“But there’s often failure on the part of Child Protective Services to adequately prosecute known cases of child abuse,” he said. “And so we would see many of these cases as being reflective more of a systemic problem within Child Protective Services than a systemic problem within home education.”

Flint School System Needs 66 Million After 156 Million in COVID Funds

Michigan has an alarming high rate of failure to read at grade level, yet we have spent millions on schools.  COVID relief, while making headlines, never went to what it was intended forl

Leaders of Flint’s school district have asked state lawmakers to pay off $56 million in debt, according to The Detroit News. The call for a state payoff of district debt comes three years after Flint Community Schools received $156 million in COVID-19 relief funds, or over $51,000 per pupil.

Flint Community Schools received $51,193 per pupil in various relief measures in the COVID-19 era, more than any other district in the state. Benton Harbor Area Schools was second at $29,502 per pupil.

Flint district officials instead took out additional loans. They also used a substantial portion of COVID funds for large pay raises and gave each district employee a $20,500 bonus. That raises future costs, as it increases salary expectations for the years to come.

Flint Beat provides a breakdown of salaries the money supported, including $8,662,500 for “COVID retention payment for staff.”


COVID Accelerated Anti-Depressant Subscriptions in Teen Girls 130%

The study looked at data from a national database reporting 92% of prescriptions dispensed at pharmacies in the United States between 2016 and 2022, according to a news release from Michigan Medicine, the university’s health system. While the antidepressant dispensing rate was rising among people between the ages of 12 and 25 before the pandemic began, it increased 64% faster after March 2020, according to the research published in Pediatrics, the peer-reviewed journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Rates rose 130% faster among young women between the ages of 12-17 after March 2020 and 60% faster for those aged 18-25, the news release said. Researchers contend the overall rate increase was driven by women.


Follow Up:  Why Must Judges Allow AI?

Judges are slowly allowing the use of AI in court proceedings.  There is a danger in that it may be impossible to discern if AI has hallucinated an provided

“More and more middle class and other people are effectively being priced out of good legal representation,” Vaden said. “The ability to have a much cheaper and, and perhaps in some cases free option that can give them hopefully reliable results to answer basic legal questions is a decidedly welcome format for the legal industry and welcome pushback against the ever-growing inflation of private practicing lawyers rates.”

Why Is Internet Broadband Required For Michigan Early Voting?

While we wait for full BEAD Program implementation, Early Voting grant funding can be used to acquire or improve any existing internet connectivity. A jurisdiction may purchase equipment, mobile hotspots, or other internet devices that help improve the Early Voting interconnectivity.


Michigan Gets 2.8 Billion for Broadband Adoption from Fed Government

Michigan figures are here:


Former Co Chair of GOP Talks About CCP But Where Were Gotion Warnings?

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