Show Notes: In Search Of The Naked Gun

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We have mysteries that only Leslie Nielsen and Leonard Nimoy can solve. 

Our Top Scientists Can’t Figure This Out

Mortality data of the past four years show a wave of deadly cardiovascular and metabolic illness.

The entire scamdemic narrative has crumbled.  Even Dr Phil has turned on his masters.

What Can You Do To Further Push Back?  Join Dr Bowden and get your state reps to pull the mRNA.


New York Allows Illegals to Become Civil Servants


In Search of A Reason To Run

Maybe the big donors will just drain their pocketbooks funding Nikki.

Jihad Rashida Took a Large Shiite on Biden in Dearborn

Biden, despite “discovering ” votes late at night, lost Dearborn MI by 50%.  Dearborn is the home to Rashida Tlaib.

Dual Chairs of Michigan GOP Headed To Court

Judge affirms removal of Karamo as Michigan GOP chair

There has been a long struggle to purge the MI GOP of any elements who maintain there was election fraud in 2020 and 2022.  The MI State Committee reported convened to vote a no confidence on Karamo, yet party rules state that state committee meetings must be convened by the Chair once given advance notice and attendee list which was not tended. 

The State Committee voted Pete Hoekstra, whom Trump has endorsed, in as the new Chair.  The RNC, which has no jurisdiction to select a state’s chair, endorsed Hoekstra making the claim that the process appeared to be legitimate.  This is now headed to court for arbitration.  Headlines have appeared that the court has ordered Karamo out, but actual trial is in June 10.  A motion was filed and upheld baring Karamo to use the position as chair.

There is currently TWO state conventions planned, one in Detroit with Karamo and another in Grand Rapids both this weekend.

Here is the court order from 2/27 with a retroactive restriction.

There is ample evidence that Karamo was denied access to GOP fund raising lists that have put her in the position of under performing regarding fund raising.

In Search of McConnell’s Soul – No Shut Down of Govt

Have no fear, Mitch will ensure our government keeps Ukraine’s lights on.

In Search of Ned Flanders Love Child – Johnson Seeks Position of Weakness


In Search of Humper’s Qualifications

What is it about Ukraine that the Biden’s wish to conceal?  Should we ask Victoria Nuland?

Humper’s Attorney Defended CCP Drug Lords

Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, has represented a variety of well-known American clients from New Jersey senator Bob Menendez to members of the Trump family. But he was also a legal representative for Ng Lap Seng. Lowell has also represented Qin Fei, who is accused of being a Chinese intelligence officer, and Lum Davis, who pled guilty to illegally lobbying for the Chinese government. The problem of conflicting personal ties when it comes to confronting China on fentanyl extends beyond the Biden family to members of his administration. And so does the silence.


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