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Speaker of The House apologizes to President.  No not Nancy for ripping up Constitution as she did for Trump, Speaker Mike is sorry about rolling his eyes during Brandon’s Reichstag address.

Remembering The Fallen On Father's Day

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund

Sponsor a memorial rose for a Vietnam Veteran here.

Every Father’s Day, VVMF lays thousands of roses at the Memorial site. Some roses hold a personal message in honor of the fathers on The Wall, those who never had a chance to come home and start a family, and those who later died after the War ended.  Family, friends and visitors are invited to take part in laying roses. It is a breathtaking sight that demonstrates both the gratitude and the sacrifices of families impacted by war.

  • Red roses symbolize those killed in action.
  • Yellow roses symbolize those unaccounted for (missing in action / prisoners of war).
  • White roses symbolize those who died after the War ended.

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Speaker Mike’s Tears Are So Large He Needs Maxi-pads

Instead of apologizing for delivering on ALL of Biden’s requests which include $65 Billion for Ukraine, an improved destruction of the 4th Amendment known as the FISA renewal, a TikTok

Bill that enables Dark Brandon to shutter ANY internet platform that has digital content – PRETTY MUCH THE ENTIRE INTERNET, he apologizes for rolling his eyes during Brandon’s State of the Union

This past March, Johnson felt he owed Biden an apology. Seated just over the president’s shoulder during the State of the Union address, the speaker couldn’t mask his expressions of exhaustion and exasperation as Biden laid into Republicans. The two next met on Capitol Hill for the Friends of Ireland luncheon where Johnson toasted Biden as “America’s most famous Irishman.” On loan from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, his pint glass was the same one Reagan used during a 1984 visit to Ireland. The Guinness the Southern Baptist speaker drank was non-alcoholic.

Cocaine Glitch Defends The Matrix

Mitch McConnell says Tucker Carlson and Trump’s waffling delayed crucial Ukraine aid.  The Senate Republican leader pointed to Carlson’s “demonization of Ukraine,” along with Trump’s “mixed views” and resistance to additional aid as reasons it’s taken so long to pass.

How We Used To Do It

When you cut spending things sorta work out.

The World According To Mongo

Did the Eclipse suddenly make Mongo sensible?

Ilhan’s Niece / Daughter Doesn’t Like Skunk Pee.  Maybe She’ll Date David Hogg

Ilhan Omar’s daughter Isra Hirsi claims Columbia anti-Israeli protesters were attacked with ‘chemical weapons’ — but it was fart spray

“Squad” member Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter cried foul over the lack of available information about what happened to the students whom she alleged sprayed “chemical weapons” at the anti-Israel protesters occupying Columbia University last week.

Isra Hirsi, 21, who was suspended by nearby Barnard College over her involvement in the Thursday demonstrations, called the higher education institutions hypocritical for their approach to the unrest.

“There is definitely some hypocrisy here,” Hirsi groused on MSNBC Monday night. “You can kind of see it with the students that sprayed us with the chemical weapons and the fact that there is no public information as to what happened to them.

Isra Hirsi arrested

The Diligence Of The FBI, and Ray Eps Must Have Been Busy This Week

During a portion of an interview with NBC News that was aired on Tuesday’s “NBC Nightly News,” FBI Director Christopher Wray stated that the agency isn’t monitoring the protests on college campuses because they “don’t monitor protests” as a general rule, “but we do share intelligence about specific threats of violence with campuses, with state and local law enforcement,” and “when violence ensues, that’s when we get concerned, when you have threats of violence.”

In another part of the interview, Wray said, “So, we thought that even before October 7, if you and I were having this conversation then, we would have said that the terrorism threat was already elevated. But post-October 7, it’s gone to a whole [other] level.”

Shark's In The Water, The Cage Is In the Water, Illegals At Martha's Vineyard Victims of a Crime

A handful of the migrants shipped off to Martha’s Vineyard by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis 18 months ago are now legally allowed to work in the US — because they’re considered victims of a crime, their attorney says.

The migrants applied last year for a special type of visa designated for crime victims — known as a U-visa — after they claimed they were duped into boarding charter flights from San Antonio, Texas, to the upmarket liberal enclave in Massachusetts with the false promises of jobs and housing.

It’s Not Replacement When You Bring in Population

The federal government and state officials ought to rebuild America’s heartland by driving waves of mass immigration to the region, the editors of the Washington Post suggest.

Rather than putting incentives in place to increase birth rates or entice residents to stay, the Washington Post editorial board writes that the government should use mass immigration to spike population in middle America.

From The WaPo

Depopulation is bad for economies. Housing prices tank, local tax revenue collapses, the labor force shrinks, businesses go bust or leave, schools close. “All problems get harder because of population loss,” notes John Lettieri of the Economic Innovation Group. “To a first approximation problems would ease with more people of working age.” [Emphasis added]

There would be upfront costs. Shuttered schools would need to be refurbished. Local services might be strained, at first. But migrants would provide not only labor — potentially useful for elderly residents, who need help with tasks such as cooking or shopping, left behind in these places. [Emphasis added]

Buh buh buh They’re Not Citizens

The White House is considering granting deportation relief to more than one million people who entered the US illegally before marrying American citizens.

The assist to so-called “mixed-status couples” is seen as another concession to would-be Democratic voters ahead of the Nov. 5 election — and would follow potential executive action by Biden to tighten border security, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Ironically this will be called “Parole In Place”.

That’s A Wash with Amash

Former Rep. Justin Amash on Monday announced that his Senate campaign had submitted the requisite signatures to appear on Michigan’s Aug. 6 primary ballot. The GOP field for a shot at a Democrat-vacated seat includes an archetypal Deep Stater in former Rep. Mike Rogers, who chaired the House Intelligence Committee and scored Trump’s endorsement in March despite having repeatedly bashed the former president. 

Yesterday O and Zee gave you the back on Amash and how he distanced himself from MAGA, America First, Trump and left the Republican Party.  Well, after he decided to return to the Republican Party To Run For Senate

In rotating back to the Republican Party after leaving it to carry the Libertarian banner, Amash is in some good company: After holding a House seat as a Republican, Ron Paul was the 1988 Libertarian presidential nominee, but returned to the GOP as a congressman and two-time Republican presidential candidate.

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