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Remember the big debate over campaign finance reform, how even editorials were considered a form of contribution.  Brandon’s only fan from OnlyFan spilled Brandon’s beans.

Only The Lonely – Naked Violation of Campaign Laws

OnlyFans creator and TikTok star Farha Khalidi says that the Biden administration paid her to push “full on political propaganda,” and asked her not to disclose that she was advertising for them.

Jeffery Tubin’s Pen Cleaner. 

States Are Rejecting DoJ Election Observers

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office told The Federalist last week that Florida’s statutes remain the same, “and DOJ personnel are not included on the list of who may enter any polling room or polling place.”

A Missouri county was also contacted by the DOJ the week before the 2022 election about sending election monitors to polling sites.

On the Missouri secretary of state’s X (formerly Twitter) account, Jay Ashcroft responded to the DOJ email, writing, “While the U.S. DOJ could clearly learn a lot from Missouri about non-partisanship and how to administer accessible, secure and credible elections, it would be highly inappropriate for federal agents to violate the law by intimidating Missouri voters at the polls on Election Day.”

Arizona SoS Now Spending To Increase Campus Voting.  Michigan playbook.

On Monday, Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, a Democrat, announced that his office is partnering with the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge to launch the “Arizona Campus Voting Challenge.” According to an office press release, this allegedly “nonpartisan initiative” is designed to increase voter engagement among students attending accredited universities throughout the state.

Here’s the problem – you will have registrations the day of voting that are from out of state, from different counties and now multiple mail-in ballots can be received that are fraudulent.  They will announce on election day huge voting “surges” to cover the ruse.  Media in Michigan lauded the students, only to say “oops we were wrong”! 

Last year I wrote this article:

These Aren’t The Voters You’re Looking For

Yes, Michigan, you may have individually felt resentment against these tyrants but the establishment told us of the marvelous uprising in our yutes, I mean our youths, on campuses, and their activism, is what made the difference in the vote.  They needed to keep the polls open past the legal restriction of 8 pm because the elite university diversity brigade lined up for pizza, and stayed to wee hours of the morning to make a difference.

Think again.  According to BridgeMI the yutes didn’t make a difference.  Or perhaps that’s better expressed as their votes didn’t make up the large numbers that the establishment first touted.  They did make it look good for the TV cameras, but to be honest a poll that is open past 8 PM to 2 AM in the morning is suspect in my book.  Who knows what was collected there and turned in later?

The Replacements, But Not Keanu

Replacement Theory is NOT conspiracy, we have relayed Washington Post Articles that explain how depopulation of states can be mitigated with illegals.  Imagine that.

Garnering Votes With Gaza Refugees

Wonder where they will end up, perhaps they’ll complete their PhD programs.

Top Biden administration officials are mulling over plans to potentially welcome into the US a small number of Palestinians fleeing the region amid the bloody Israel-Hamas war, according to a report.

One idea officials floated over recent weeks is to tap into the United States Refugee Admissions Program to grant refugee status to those who escaped the Gaza Strip into Egypt, CBS News reported, citing documents.

That effort would likely require cooperation with Egypt. Palestinians who have family in the US may also get admittance, per the report.

Florida Gets the Bulk of Parole In Place Immigrants

Because they supposedly have a spouse who is a citizen, will they still get the $10,000 payment we give the illegals.

We’re Replacing Young Ladies As Well

5 middle school girls peacefully and respectfully protested a competition where a transgender female was allowed to compete.  Now they are banned from competition.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey filed a lawsuit against the Harrison County Board of Education on the dissenting students’ behalf after they were blocked from upcoming meets following their protests at the April 18 shot put competition, West Virginia Watch reported.

Five girls from Lincoln Middle School stepped up to the circle for their turn before refusing to throw in the event, which was won by Becky Pepper-Jackson, a 13-year-old girl who takes puberty-blocking medication and estrogen hormone therapy.

While West Virginia law bans transgender girls from playing on girls’ sports teams, a recent federal appeals court ruled that the law couldn’t lawfully be applied to the eighth-grader.

Judge Toby Heytens wrote that offering her a “choice” between not participating in sports and participating only on boys’ teams “is no real choice at all.”

And We May Be Forced To Pay

Appeals Court Says State Health Policies Excluding Transgender Surgeries Violate Constitution

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ruled against two state-level health policies that exclude so-called “gender-affirming” treatments, teeing up potential review by the U.S. Supreme Court…

The coverage exclusions facially discriminate on the basis of sex and gender identity, and are not substantially related to an important government interest,” he said.

The 8–6 decision affirmed lower court decisions against West Virginia’s Medicaid policy and the North Carolina State Health Plan for Teachers and State Employees. Both aimed to preclude coverage of procedures or treatments pursuant to attempts at changing one’s gender.

Judge Gregory’s opinion rejected the idea that the policies didn’t discriminate on the basis of gender identity merely because they focused on diagnoses rather than individuals experiencing that condition.

This is overruling medical diagnosis in favor on what you FEEL. 

Support Your Local Palestinian Protestors, Forgive Their Debt, Forgive the Litter

Remember American Gladiators?

Trump Trials

Rules For Thee, Discounts For Me – Blackstone gets away with Trump Scheme

Holy Shit We Called It – Left and Right hands of Guberment Shipped boxes to Trump

Federal Agency Had ‘Pallets’ Of Documents Sent To Mar-A-Lago One Year Before DOJ Raid.  A federal agency worked with the Trump transition team to send two pallets of “document boxes” relating to former President Donald Trump’s presidency to his Mar-a-Lago home — one year before Special Counsel Jack Smith then raided the residence to look for classified documents.

The GSA informed Trump’s transition team that there were six pallets that needed to be transferred from Virginia to Florida.Two were shipped directly to Florida. 

The Federalist asked NARA whether the pallets shipped by GSA included the documents that were later confiscated by Smith’s team during their raid of Mar-a-Lago, and NARA’s media staff responded that the agency had “no awareness about the contents of the materials on the pallets and had no involvement in the move project that is referenced in the GSA emails.”

Gag Order, Election Interference or Just The Death of 1A

Judge Juan Merchan fined Trump $9,000 for violating a gag order that bans him from speaking publicly about witnesses and family members of court officials. The judge found he violated the order on nine separate occasions, with each violation resulting in a $1,000 fine. 

The judge detailed in the order that if Trump carries out “continued willful violations” of the gag order, he could face “incarceratory punishment” if “necessary and appropriate.”

How does this trial rendering not impart conspiracy and suspicion?

Stormy Trial – Trump must delete social media posts



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