Show Notes: Michigan Artificial Experts

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Experts create a dependency – you have remain on hold, inert and wait for their answers.  That’s why Michigan needed smart people to take over zoning remotely, as Michiganders can no longer decide on renewable energy projects, the Michigan Power

Magic Bus, Magic Bus

Michigan is getting $24 Million for electric buses, plus the state is investing $124 million of tax payer dollars for the winter worthy vehicles.

The switch to electric buses will reduce diesel pollution near schools, which harms student health by slowing lung development and aggravating asthma and heart disease. Diesel vehicles also emit planet-warming greenhouse gasses.

The school system in Grand Rapids will receive $5.18 million for 15 buses. Trenton will receive $2 million for 10 buses, Allen Park will get $1.04 million for five buses and Comstock will get $1.04 million for three buses.

Propane buses are significantly cheaper than EV buses. The Dearborn Academy is spending $1.04 million for three EV buses, but Gwinn Area Community Schools will spend only $35,000 for a propane-fueled bus.

Twenty-seven Michigan school districts will receive 97 school buses powered by electricity and three fueled by propane. The cost, nearly $24 million, will come from the federal Clean School Bus Program.

Buses powered by electricity often cost three times more than diesel buses, but they emit fewer tailpipe emissions over the long run.

What about chargers for the buses?

So Much Unity.

First of all, stop complaining, it’s distracting the elite geniuses that we have elected to lead us in even more prosperity that we are missing, even though we are still behind all other states in our region with respects to post COVID recovery

Michigan members of Congress point the finger at the media for elevating conflict in government


Legislative leaders butt heads on economic development and more as Mackinac Conference closes

Michigan Bird Flu

A third person has tested positive for avian flu.  However, the symptoms that linger are similar to pink eye.

A second Michigan farmworker has been infected with avian flu — the third in the nation, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

None of the three workers — one in Texas and two in Michigan — appear to be associated with each other or the cattle herds with which they worked, but are part of a larger, national outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza, or bird flu, according to the CDC and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

No indication of HOW tests were performed by the CDC.

As with the previous two cases (one in Texas, one in Michigan), the person is a dairy farm worker who had exposure to sick cows, making this another instance of likely cow-to-person spread. Based on the information available at this time, this case does not change CDC’s current A(H5N1) bird flu human health risk assessment for the U.S. general public because all three sporadic cases had direct contact with infected cows. On the animal health side, USDA is reporting that 68 dairy cow herds in nine U.S. states have confirmed cases of A(H5N1) virus infections in dairy cows.

Michigan Commission Who Assumed Control of Zoning Admit “We’re Not Experts”

In 2023 Michigan passed a law that granted the Michigan Public Service Commission authority over all zoning decisions for renewable energy projects.

…the developer’s intention to build a renewable facility that met the requirements of the law, the questioner wanted to know, take precedence over the township’s plans to build new infrastructure for its residents?

Cathy Cole, director of strategic operations for the Michigan Public Service Commission and the lead staff responsible for implementing this new law, noted that it was a good question. She then explained that she did not have an answer. “I think that we’re going to have to take that one back. I’m going to admit to you that the MPSC is not; we are not local zoning or planning experts. So, we are going to take that question back. I appreciate it very much.” Or, in plain English, the agency responsible for implementing the law admits it lacks the relevant expertise to do so.

While Cole’s answer was generous, it was also insufficient. More to the point, “We are not the experts” demonstrates how misguided the decision to pass Public Act 233 was. The Michigan Public Service Commission now oversees wind and solar siting decisions. But these decisions should have been left to the communities impacted by developments, not a panel of state regulators who may have never visited them. The MPSC cannot reasonably brush off this apparent lack of knowledge by pointing out, “We’re not the experts.”

Petition does you no good.

In Michigan we can petition to get an issue on the ballot.  Many feel that is a recourse to overturn items given that if a petition makes it on the ballot and the population votes Yea on election day, that ballot issue becomes law.  A petition to repeal the zoning law has failed to gain enough signatures.

A ballot initiative to allow local control over large wind and solar projects will not obtain enough signatures to qualify for the 2024 ballot.

Citizens for Local Choice missed its target to collect at least 356,958 valid signatures before May 29.

The Age of Plenitude and Post Scarcity

If you forgive the ignorance of the cost of exotic materials that will be required to construct all the chips, batteries and components that all the wonderful tech will need, you won’t be able to forgive the basic lack of economic understanding.  Nor the complete misunderstanding of the disastrous costs of renewable energy that Julia McKoy thinks will be magically produced by AI and AGI.

Without scarcity, why would we need to TRULY innovate.  Arguably most innovation as occurred in answer to scarcity. 

All of the predictions made in this video are future state, and have no connection to reality. 

The promises:

  • Once we achieve NUCLEAR FUSION we will have Dematerialization, where physical goods won’t need to be produced
  • As a consequence cameras, GPS, phones will become free?
  • Automated food factories
  • No fertilizers (like nitrates?) – synthetic engineered bacteria will supply nitrogen
  • AI will be the doctors and teachers.

What is frightening is that there is no references made here, just future state, all because EXPERTS tell us that this future is out there.

But in the mean time the experts can’t tell what the impact on zoning laws will be, or how much acreage we will need to clear for solar and wind until we get fusion.


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