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Whose rhetorical skills can leap a building with a single bound?  Tapper.  Toobin.  As you’ve never seen them before.  Debates are at night, and night may be a dark time for Toobin, but the rest of us know how to keep our pants on during Zoom meetings.

The Man-Gina Monologues


Ms Dagny pointed this out to us.  Butt-touch Body Surfing therapy. 

Not The Blackest Administration Evaaar

Grandma Death’s Book of Doom


Texas Children’s Hospital

On OZFest we have covered the transgender agenda in mental health, as exhibited by the Tavistock Health Clinic, subsidiary of the Tavistock Institute.  Tavistock has conducted behavioral studies for decades, and is a think tank for progressive ideals.


The Hidden Hand of The Tavistock Institute

Show Notes: Midday Transmission – Tavistock, Transgender and Severed Conscience

Show Notes: Brave New World, Butterflies and Big Mistakes

Priced Out of The Starting Home Market

Gen X and Boomers have benefited from rising prices, but how can you 22 year old kid afford an apartment let alone a starter home?  Some stewardship we have managed.


I’m doing a survey… do you believe the Condor is really an endangered species?

J6 Justified FURTHER Trump Surveillance

A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ‘Experts Group’ that included deep state ‘laptop letter‘ partisans James Clapper and John Brennan, advocated using Jan. 6 and the Mar-a-Lago raid to justify expanding surveillance of political dissent.

The documents indicate that under the Biden Administration, the federal government has used January 6 to justify expanding efforts to collect intelligence on what they deem “DVE” or “Domestic Violent Extremists.”

As the second installment of the #DeepStateDiaries showed, “DVE” or “domestic violent extremists” is the group’s term for people who are “religious,” “in the military,” or support President Trump.

The Brennan-Clapper group discussed “collection based on sites where they expect to see indicators,” suggesting that the federal government sought to monitor sites they viewed as “domestic extremism threats.”

Orange Barcharts Bad?

When will we recognize how similar many corporations are to socialist propaganda units? 

Welfare and Election Fraud

There is currently no federal law requiring proof of citizenship on voter forms, though it is illegal to lie and claim citizenship in order to cast a ballot in a federal election.

So if an applicant says they are a US citizen, that’s enough to be able to register to vote.

But millions of migrants with humanitarian parole, refugee or asylum status are eligible for benefits that would bring them to the offices where voter registration takes place.

The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993 ordered states to register voters at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and agencies where Americans apply for public benefits — and those offices are required by federal law to hand over the registration forms along with the application papers. -NY Post

Always Go Upstream – NGOs Issuing Letters Reminding Illegals in Mexico to Vote Once They’re In US?


Humper Biden Stripped of Law License

Four Out Of Five Dentists …

Why it matters: The Nobel laureates are lending their academic prestige to a political argument the Biden administration has been making for weeks: Inflation would be worse under Trump.

  • “While each of us has different views on the particulars of various economic policies, we all agree that Joe Biden’s economic agenda is vastly superior to Donald Trump,” the 16 economists write in a letter, first obtained by Axios.

Climate Change Is Leading To Rationed State and Great Erasure

Job cuts severely by Chrysler parent company Stellantis in Michigan, where the magical unicorn farts and faerie dust of renewable energy and EVs is supposed to be “fueling” the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  Stellantis is doubling down on EV first strategy.

“We have at least two plants that need a significant turnaround, at least two,” the CEO said. “By the way, when we compare to leap motor, those 30% cost-competitive edge is what I’m always talking about.”

Auto Analyst John McElroy said: “So, he’s going after the company with an axe right now to get costs down. The old Chrysler group as we know it in Auburn Hills is going to be a mere shadow of itself in just a couple of years.”

“They’re going to take a lot; we’re talking to thousands of people,” he continued. “The tower almost undoubtedly will be up for sale. Stellantis doesn’t need all that office space anymore.”

Auburn Hills Chrysler Landmark For Sale

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