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We didn’t know that we are stepping in diapers and poop all the time.  That’s was Whoopi’s duty to tell us why Brandon is our savior grandpa.

Biden First Proud Black Woman

Breaking Ribs

Morning Joe Drinkin’ Nan-shees Brew

The Country Is At Stake

Peeping Crickets Support Biden For President

We’re Not Importing Voters, We’re Creating Registrations

US Auto out produced by Foreign Auto Makers Operating In America

Ford lost billions of OUR tax subsidy by NOT producing flagship products.  How long before Climate Change activists insist on cheap CCP vehicles.  500 EV manufactures in mainland China are ready to go.

Foreign-owned manufacturers built more vehicles in the United States last year than their rivals in Detroit, a first for the market that underscores major shifts in domestic auto production.

Non-U.S. automakers including Toyota Motor Corp. and Mercedes-Benz Group AG built more than 4.9 million cars in 2023, a jump of about 500,000 from the prior year, according to a report Tuesday from Autos Drive America and the American International Automobile Dealers Association.

The Detroit Three — General Motors Co., Ford Motor Co. and the former Fiat Chrysler, Stellantis NV — assembled 4.6 million in the market, a modest decline of about 150,000 vehicles from 2022.

AI Investor Bubble?

AI as revolutionary tool that will replace all busy work and heavy lifting of thinking is about to meet reality.  OpenAI that runs ChatGPT spends $700,000 per day to run facilities.

There’s no avoiding the hype surrounding AI these days. Promises of new developments like personal robot assistants and miracle cancer cures are ubiquitous as executives take every opportunity to emphasize their AI chops to enthusiastic investors—and slightly less enthusiastic consumers.

Not everyone has been blown away by the AI fanfare, however. James Ferguson, founding partner of the UK-based macroeconomic research firm MacroStrategy Partnership, fears investors’ AI exuberance has created a concentrated market bubble that’s reminiscent of the dot-com era.

“These historically end badly,” Ferguson told Bloomberg’s Merryn Somerset Webb in the latest episode of the Merryn Talks Money podcast. “So anyone who’s sort of a bit long in the tooth and has seen this sort of thing before is tempted to believe it’ll end badly.”

Bankruptcies Jump in 2024

Bankruptcy filings by commercial entities grew by more than a third this year as businesses struggled under an environment of high costs and interest rates, according to the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI).

A total of 3,016 commercial Chapter 11 bankruptcies were filed in the January–June period this year, up 34 percent from last year, said a July 3 ABI press release. Small-business filings rose by 61 percent. Total bankruptcy filings rose by 15 percent, with individual filings increasing by 15 percent.

Some of the largest bankruptcies so far this year involving companies with more than $1 billion in liabilities include IT firm Dynata, seafood chain Red Lobster, biotechnology company Invitae Corp., and Enviva, the world’s largest industrial biomass producer.

Companies in the consumer discretionary sector accounted for the most number of bankruptcies this year, followed by health care, industrials, consumer staples, IT, and financials.

Oh, We Had No Clue

Purdue Creditors ask court to sue Sackler family

The Supreme Court ruled that Purdue Pharma’s bankruptcy settlement can not shield the Sackler family members, who have not filed for bankruptcy themselves, from lawsuits over their role in the opioid epidemic. The decision imperiled billions of dollars in funding that Purdue and the Sacklers had promised to pay toward addressing the harms of the deadly crisis.
A court-appointed committee of Purdue creditors, which includes individuals harmed by the opioid crisis as well as insurers and companies with opioid claims, said in a Monday court filing in White Plains, New York that they need the ability to sue to ensure that the Sacklers are not “allowed ‘off the hook’ for their grotesque misconduct in creating and fueling the opioid crisis.”

Wise Latina Packing

He Shall Never Rise Again

LinkedIn CEO Sues FoxNews and NewsMax Over Election Disinformation

Hoffman is investing millions in Smartmatic, the electronic tabulator company suing Fox News and Newsmax for defamation following the 2020 election, according to The Washington Post. Hoffman said he intends to help keep the company afloat, as it has been pursuing expensive legal retribution against the outlets for their election reporting.

In a statement to The Washington Post, Hoffman claimed “Smartmatic became a target of the defamatory campaign to overturn [Trump’s] defeat.”

Fox and Newsmax hosted commentators who aired concerns that tabulators were not secure, were vulnerable to voter fraud, and had possibly changed Trump votes to Biden votes. Smartmatic alleges that hosting these discussions constituted defamation. Fox settled a suit with Dominion Voting last year over similar allegations. 

On OZFest we have detailed the security holes in the tabulator environments.

Show Notes: Dominion And Watching Eye for the AI Guy

Prof Alex Halderman, Champion or Guardian?

In 2017 University of Michigan professor Alex Halderman testified that the Dominion voting machines were a risk to the security of elections.  As you can see he is very serious about his testimony.  In 2020 he was silent about the nature of the same machines?  In 2024 he has changed back to his serious alarming tones.  Why?

2020 – Michigan was safest election ever.  Even with a computer network that Halderman admits was WIDE OPEN.

A report by an elections technology security expert who performed an analysis of the voting equipment used in Antrim County again affirmed the county’s official presidential election results were accurate and that unofficial results were initially reported incorrectly due to human error.

1972 2.0

Gaza Pier to be Dismantled

The Pentagon’s Gaza humanitarian pier project, which has been troubled from day one and spent more time out of commission than it’s actually been in operation, will soon be scrapped altogether, the Associated Press reports Tuesday.

The report says this is the ‘final blow’ for the pier after rough seas left it needing constant pauses for repairs: “The pier built by the U.S. military to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza will be reinstalled Wednesday to be used for several days, but then the plan is to pull it out permanently, several U.S. officials said.”

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