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Dear DoJ
Show Notes: Write More Strongly Worded Letters This Time
Health PSA My big brass balls stopped setting off alarms at airports because they’re plastic now. That’s...
Blank Go Down
Show Notes: You Make My [blank] Go Down
Link Back to LIVE Stream CPI down while PPI is up?  But we were told Brandon-nomics was not going [blank]...
Show Notes: Brandon Hokey-Pokey
Link Back to LIVE Stream You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you shake your sagging...
Naked Violation-thumb
Show Notes: Naked Violations!
Link Back to LIVE Stream Remember the big debate over campaign finance reform, how even editorials were...
Imsorry cryiungmike
Show Notes: I'm Sorry
Link Back LIVE Stream Speaker of The House apologizes to President.  No not Nancy for ripping up Constitution...
gotta take a schiff
Show Notes: I Gotta Take A Schiff
Link Back to LIVE Stream There’s a crisis in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons that only the finely...
BEL Total Eclipse
Show Notes: Total Eclipse of the Heart
Link Back to LIVE Stream Don’t cross the streams.  Not even to get rid of the Stay Pufft monster. FacebookTweetPin Science WATCH:...
joe dirt-thumb
Show Notes: Joe Dirt
Link Back to Podcast Post Page Joe Dirt, because rabbit droppings look like tasty tranny Easter egg treats. FacebookTweetPin Do...
Escape From Baltimore-5
Show Notes: Escape From Baltimore
Link Back to Podcast Post Page John Carpenter thought New York would be walled up and the first open...
BEL Weekend at Bernies-thm
Show Notes: Weekend At Bernies
Link Back to LIVE Stream Propping up, quite literally, the leader of the free world. FacebookTweetPin Skechers...
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