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Episode #16: The Big Short
FacebookTweetPin The Big Short is a great movie that clearly illustrates the failure of not only financial...
Episode 15: Holy Spacey We Called It
FacebookTweetPin In this episode Zee, John and Blue take a mini-bow for predicting some of last weeks...
Episode #14: Those Ukraine Girls
FacebookTweetPin On this episode, Zee describes how he was blocked by Michigan Attorney General Dana...
Episode #13: Old School
FacebookTweetPin On this episode, we are visited by Bill Clinton who wants to celebrate his 47th anniversary...
Episode #12: Match Game 75
FacebookTweetPin On this episode Zee tries shoot water out of nose into the microphone, John wins the...
Episode #11: Ciao Bella
FacebookTweetPin On this episode, we learn that John Jackson knows Italian. With startling revelation...
Episode #10: You Had To Do It
FacebookTweetPin A special episode, the 10th episode! This time around we change the pace a bit, celebrate...
Episode #9: Mongo Bad, Oz Good
FacebookTweetPin In this episode, Blue, John and Zee react to the breaking news of Mike Lindel’s...
Episode #8: Springtime For Brandon In Germany
FacebookTweetPin In this episode, The Mighty Humanzee gets an email from the Biden Administration and...
Episode #7: Taint Misbehavin'
FacebookTweetPin In this episode Blue teaches the Mighty Humanzee a new word, and we find out that the...
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