Show Notes:  OZ Fest – Victory Gardens

Show Notes: OZ Fest – Victory Gardens

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By Orange Rationed to Victory  “The richness of life lies in the memories we have forgotten.” -Cesare Pavese While Victory Gardens & Rationing was a temporary fix to Halt the demand of “normal Society”; that Contributed Effort today is taught thru a lens, that without the concentrated effort of America- the World would be lost without the Navigational pull of American greatness & strength. World War II: - The United States Government began rationing items : is the OPA:  Office of Price Administration - WikipediaThe OPA list: Once items were placed onto the OPA list- it would cause a ripple effect- demanding a trip to the store and shortages to begin. Office of Price Administration (OPA) During WW2 Summary & Facts (        Victory Gardens: Victory Gardens during World War II - an overnight sensation…
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Rationed State:  Great Reset or Great Eraser?

Rationed State: Great Reset or Great Eraser?

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A More Sinister Brand of Collectivism While we clearly see the Marxist roots of the Climate Change and New Green Deal rescue plans being presented, there is something much more sinister behind this movement.  At least Mao and Stalin talked about rebuilding society, the climate change groups truly want to destroy.  This is article is the first in a series comprised of supporting materials for our upcoming documentary "Rationed State". By The Mighty Humanzee [shared_counts] In the article The Great Leap Backwards: Mao-style climate cultists must be stopped Andrew Montford aptly describes the psyche of the climate change crowd as a Mao-ist cult, and their unthinking devotion to a grand plan has placed dangerous blinders on their eyes. For those unfamiliar with Communist Chinese history, Mao lead several revolutions, treating the Chinese…
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