The Country Rots from Brandon’s Head On Down

When did federal agencies need to concerns themselves with voter registration as part of their mission?  Under Unka Joe Brandon’s executive order, they now must make that a priority.  Why?  This article is based on discussions from the Behind Enemy Lines podcast.

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee
Senior Council for OMB K. Sabeel Rahman

In an recent article from the, Fred Lucas reports that the Biden administration has been hard at work with efforts to promote voter registration.  While that may seem to be a noble and worthy goal, Lucas points out that Biden signed an executive order that requires federal agency to devote attention to voter registration, and that Biden’s key advisers are from activist groups funded by George Soros and other far left wing activists.  

K. Sabeel Rahman is one of many left wing voting rights activists appointed by Biden to key positions in his administration.  Rahman is formerly of Demos, a policy group that has written the Biden Administration’s policies and executive order for election action word for word.  Rahman was not merely a member, he was the president of Demos,  and it is alarming the degree to which he wants to re-architect how elections are run, essentially advocating for federal management of state elections supported by a Constitutional amendment.  Or in other words, federal agencies will be responsible to running the process that supplies like minded politicians to be figure heads of federal agencies.  While at Demos, Rahman partnered with ACORN and other progressive advocacy groups to advocate that voter registration be extended beyond Dept. of Motor Vehicle to welfare and healthcare agencies.

On many episodes of our podcast Behind Enemy Lines we have discussed, with great gallows humor, how election integrity has been thrown out the window.  In particular in my state Michigan there has been an active denial of the existence of exposed computer networks which house voting machines, the Secretary of State has been ordered to purge 24,000 dead voters from the voter rolls by a Michigan Court, and many cases of stacking the voter rolls in over 100,000 voters no longer eligible to vote in the state.  While we mock the criminality of these practices, it’s important that people understand that federal agencies, including the DoJ, are joining the efforts.  This includes action against states who want to pass laws requiring voter id to be presented at voter polls on Election Day.

Other activities that federal agencies are being to do include distributing mail-in ballot applications, strengthen the US Postal system for delivery of election materials, and counting federal prisoners at their last known address.  All fodder for mail in ballots to be delivered fraudulently, all available for future ballot box stuffing.

So how comfortable are you with former leaders of agencies whose leaders advocate for rethinking capitalism, that the Constitution needs to be rewritten codifying federal government involvement in state elections, and eliminating the states role in elections?  Are these the goals that you expect to hear from non-partisan, objective parties who want to preserve election integrity?  Biden has misused the power of Executive Orders to institute partisan election policies in agencies that have no business being involved with elections.  It’s dishonorable, it’s deceitful, and it will destroy the election system as it exists today and preserve an unprecedented federal power grab.

Behind Enemy Lines is a wake up call for people to understand what is transpiring.  We believe in honor and traditional American values that gave us nearly 250 years of freedom.  It shouldn’t be done with a stroke of a president’s pen.


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