Where’s The Beef, Where’s The Sustainability?

Those Who Tell Us We Need to Re-engineer Food Production Allow Disaster To Fester

The summer of 2022 was filled with stories of fires at meat packing plants and large cattle die off.  Now we hear that there is a recall similar to the baby formula recall that plagued this spring.  Our series Rationed State looks at how the promise of “Sustainable” systems is undermined by another terrible reality.

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

Today we are all specialists.  Our society, we are taught, functions because of a division of labor, and it is crucial that people choose professions, technical trades, jobs, and endeavors requiring specialized skill sets.  The corollary to this that we no longer need to be generalists, that polymaths or renaissance men are not an optimal, productive way to contribute to society.  Experts should be selected based on talent and ability, and they will focus on their area of expertise and society will function like a well oiled machine.  Federal government, being the largest entity with the highest degrees of wealth, will have the best, most qualified people to managed vital facets of society.  The CDC, FDA and FSIS agencies are the sentinels that guide and protect us.

This creed of specialization has lead to the blinders that of us wear in society today.  Few take a look across specialities to see if they can spot a trend or gain inspiration from events and developments outside their normal purview.  Unfortunately that leaves many with the inability, or worse the willingness, to make judgements and assessments regarding pending threats or crisis.   Earlier this week we have this announcement from the FDA regarding 64 contaminated meet products.  

“Behrmann Meat and Processing Inc., which is based in Albers, Illinois, issued a recall on “approximately 87,382 pounds of various ready-to-eat (RTE) meat products that may be adulterated with Listeria monocytogenes,” the FSIS announcement stated.”


So calculating with gorilla math at 1 pound for a four member family for quick burgers, only means 21845.5 families are at risk, this isn’t all that big a deal.  Simply issue a recall, and the experts will rush in and swiftly render the situation safe.  Of interesting note is that those at risk from listeria are the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.  Prior to COVID this was barely on the radar, but in light of all the developments regarding the mRNA vaccine side effects, a higher degree of concern is merited.  But taking a step back we can see parallels to the baby formula crisis, which shocked many as we learned how the FDA inaction lead to a true crisis of scarcity that could have been avoided.  The meat producer, Bergman Inc, has voluntarily recalled the products.  But will the FDA dawdle as before, and will the facility in question remain in operation for a protracted period, leading to shortages?  Despite being experts, the FDA revealed that they need more money to be able to perform their duties.  So it seems that the system in place with the backing of the federal government was not all that robust.

But this is not the only factor to take into consideration.  In the summer of 2022 we have numerous stories of food processing facilities burning to the ground.  While this not an unordinary event, the sheer number of incidences raises eyebrows.  Couple that with the inability of the government agencies to rapidly resolve contamination outbreaks and issue permits for rebuilding facilities and you get a sinking feeling in your stomach:  will we be able to replace our food production capability when the FDA and other inept institutions seem to have no interest in keep the production lines running?

One could reasonably argue that this is the normal course of incompetent behavior that we have grown accustomed to.  “Yeah, yeah, yeah they always tell us they are experts and we know we’re going to get screwed.”  This normalcy bias is what allows further erosion of oversight.  And it also leaves a vulnerability open to those who wish to manipulate us.  In our documentary Rationed State we detected a pattern of capitalizing on crisis in order to gain approval for re-engineering systems with disastrous results.  New experts present themselves to claim that the current system is unsustainable and now is the opportunity to act before further crisis strikes.  No mention is made how the same policies that lead to the current crisis are the from the same architects who will working on a new solution for you and me.

And this is why we see the current mantra of “meatless” meat solutions being offered.  You see, the current system is unsustainable economically and ecologically.  In fact, even the “experts” can’t manage vital processes at the current scale, regardless if their own inept nature created the crisis in the first place.  When you read the earlier writings of the newest breed of saviors you’ll note the word “sustainable” used continually.  We noted that development, then also noted with irony which became great alarm that many of the newly engineered systems which were supposed to be sustainable had stopped being able to produce the simplest products.  This is the case with baby Tylenol in Canada, with baby formula in the United States, and if we ignore the trajectory with food production, meat and other items.  Regardless of intent or incompetence, the stage is set for panic and false choices offered as viable solutions.  But fear not, there is an elite group of experts who have been working to create an alternative product to meat, Bill Gates being one such expert.

In the article The Meat Replacement Hypothesis Andrew Cuff details the efforts by leftists and climatologies to reduce the reliance on beef.  Stepping in are technocrats and billionaires who will use the crisis to offer a solution:  laboratory fabricated protein as a meat substitute.  Farmers and the traditional agriculture industry must take heed, as measures are being taken to curtail meat consumption in the name of preventing ecological disaster.  Meat “taxes”, and of late, a ban on nitrogen in the name of saving the planet, are at work to limit the amount of meat that is consumed.  While bugs are offered, synthetic meat is now the latest substitute that the eco-experts say will be the wiser choice.  The chorus is the same, “The world is under siege, there’s not enough resources.”  But those experts do not want you to consider simple economics:

The unprecedented bounty of the twenty-first century creates the illusion that food supplies are infinite. But this is not the case: meat abounds because demand is high. As meat demand falls—as it has significantly in the United Kingdom and the United States—the meat supply soon follows.

The false choice here is “eat synthetic meat” to stave off disaster.  Our analysis in Rationed State is that this new system will fail too, and that will just have to be something we have to become accustomed to.  That is the goal.  Reduced food will in the end reduce the population.  And who hasn’t heard the eco-experts say we less people?

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