Supply Chain Disruption OR Political Activism

An what does that look like..

What is happening with how we produce and distribute food and medicine?  This article is part of of Rationed State documentary, and supports material in Part 2 – Rationing. 

By Orange

Crisis’s have always plagued us as individuals- but how do these experiences from decades ago apply to us today? 

 Victory Gardens, was a means in which the Government presented a commonsense approach to Americans living in a World at War. The reality of delayed resources and food shortages was an absolute fact and the only way to curb these demands while men where off fighting a War, was to empower the ability, drive and skill to be self-staining regardless of the outcome.

  Communities bridged together to fight and to show any possible Enemies that we were united and fought for the common goal.  Being an American at that time meant we took aim to ensure that all would be supplied and fed in which Americans gave up knowing that less was better than more or so the Government propagated.

So- how does the Rationed State of America in the 1940’s -truly grasp the position of answering Americans questions of why their world in 2019 abruptly ended their Jobs, the schools and wrap American flags in Caution tape?  

One key point to all of this was a 15-day rhetoric that initially never ended. Infact – today in 2022 we still see people with masks, they’ve become obsessed with their neighbor’s vaccine status, and they assert themselves as a form of Care member in a community that they believe creates them as an Essential. Americans questioned the position that 15 days would flatten an uptick in the delay of their lives and their homes. The 15 days to slow the spread turned into 15 months that would shut down a Country- who for the first time was Energy Independant.

This fast paced, uncontrolled & irrational acceptance of the 15-day Covid onslaught of what many would describe as tyranny was not justifiable. Today- those around the World and in America are feeling the weight of this experimental downgrade.

The reality is – that People are feeling, seeing, and fearing the effects in their homes, jobs and schools across the globe unlike what we saw in the 1940’s. 

Instead of renewing ourselves to be clever and reverting back to the days of self-suitability- Congressional members took it upon themselves to serve the people who they claim to care about. They agreed into passing a number of spending bills called Covid relief that would drastically pivot our savings, lives & investments into an Uncertain Future all based on what? A Common Enemy- Covid.

AN just to give an Example- the toilet paper shortage during the beginning of COvid19 was laughable. WE saw the Panic buying in stores across the US as people flocked to their nearest Box store to purchase the High Demanded item. Just like Toilet paper- shortly to follow was the presentation of Hygiene Products like washing your hands and carrying hand sanitizers to ensure the position that everything would be Germ free in a world of actual Germs.  Recalling those who heeded the call of the unknown- Biohazard suits, Respirators and mask wearing became a part of this New Normal. Jokes circulated about the days of when older folks would wear bandanas around their faces because they were disguised thieves- not your per say neighbors being cautious. Now that those days where fading and the Old Normal would return- or so we thought once the Country Elected a New President and a New Way of doing things- these same Experts who shoveled this regurgitated puke down your piehole everyday thru news articles, loudspeakers and your family- assumed that things would go back. But are they?

At the end of July- I came across the unsettling article out of Canada that reminded me of another National Headline that we witnessed in Michigan. A Baby Food shortage was on the rise which then led into an investigation by the FDA. But Wait- We are open for business? Is the manufacturing of this supply truly harmful to babies & if that’s the case, how wasn’t this being investigated or even allowed in this plant?

What many failed to take note of is that our own AG’s took it upon themselves to influence the questionability of actual ingredients by arming themselves with the EPA to push the FDA into creating a Crisis. 

Infact the article that tipped off the writing of Rationed State was a Letter given to Parents in Canada about an over-the-counter Tylenol. In certain parts of Canada parents were notified by their doctors that a Tylenol shortage would be experienced. An in order to receive this very common over the counter Pain reliver- parents would have to ASK for a Prescription by their child’s doc.

Shortages, whether it is stemmed from factoring in demand or the lack of effective communication 0r just being a Welcome mat for suiting up and Strong-Arming agencies. These Political pushes are Real, and I do not see a any solution to the issue in a Growing World.

 Yet we do have choices Today. While people are being used as Political tools as well as their children by their own Government to help carve out a New Normal for a few who believe, see and act on the idea of a Caring Community should be absolutely confronted. 

Clearly, we are seeing a future that is in fact Unsustainable with these proposed ideas which ultimately chooses to create more Harm to people than it does Good. 

At the End of the Night- one thing lays on the mind more so than anything- Why are these people entrusted with so much and yet find so many ways to wreak so much havoc in such a short amount of time without ever being held to account? 

The time of being Silent is over. 

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