COVID Response and Domestic Violence Previews Technocrats Attack on Individualism

The Experts Response To Health Crisis is a Preview

Our health experts response to the COVID crisis and the outright attack on individual rights resulted in many avoidable tragedies.  Domestic violence and suicide skyrocketed as we all sacrificed for the common good.   Part of our Rationed State series.

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By The Mighty Humanzee

The article The Perfect Storm: How domestic violence escalated during COVID-19 is where we learn the tragic story of Michelle Dorsey of L.A County who was murdered by he estranged husband in a domestic dispute.  A mother of three, Michelle filed for and received a restraining order against her husband.  Michelle was a victim of domestic violence which had great escalated burin during the COVID lock downs issue by California Governor Gavin Newsome.  

This article is ironically titled “The Perfect Storm”, but you may suspect that the the author does not understand the meaning or use of the phrase.  As it is commonly used, a perfect storm is the result of a rare combination of circumstances, indicating that the incident is an outlier.

Yet look at the graph to the left and you will see a 28% increase in domestic violence in 2020, with 40 homicides in L.A. County at addresses that comprised the increase in domicile violence.  These are not exogenous events. A rare combination of factors – these were all avoidable.  COVID didn’t do that, the local agencies who larped at pandemic survival skills while pretending to work at home are responsible.  It is that simple.  During the COVID pandemic, state and local agencies availed themselves of technology that kept people working remotely, but in many cases services stopped all together.  Not for the reason of lacking staff, but because it was convenient to avoid rendering services by claiming you could not be in someone’s presence.  Social distancing and masks were touted as what kept us safe, yet those methods could not be used to keep services open that would address domestic violence, that would provide shelters for women seeking to leave their homes when spouses were abusive.  Shelters had to be closed instead of administering tests.  Common sense could not be used as long as the common good was invoked.

Yes, many saw this coming, but not those who had the ability to do anything while fulfilling their obligations and responsibilities as public servants.  Experts told us we needed to remain at home, isolated.  It was for the common good, and despite the continually inaccurate figures regarding the rate and transmission of the COVID virus, the health care agencies assumed complete authority over we citizens.  People lost their jobs, and without further prospects, were trapped in close quarters, which exacerbated or triggered hone violence.  From the article:

Despite a decrease in reported instances of crimes such as robbery and sexual assault, experts say the rise in domestic violence cases was inextricably tied to people being trapped in their homes with one another for months on end, the stress of the economy and the rising substance abuse issues at home.   

“With the abusers working from home … the survivor doesn’t really have a break from the abuse, doesn’t have the ability to reach out to resources,” Warfield added. “And, ultimately, when law enforcement was getting the call, the calls were at a lot more heightened level than they were previously.”

Some victims could not afford legal assistance to take appropriate measures and protect themselves.  The shutdown robbed them of their means of employment, so how could they afford legal representation?

Another woman, who could not afford legal counseling because she was out of work as a result of the pandemic, would be told that her kids might be heading back to her abuser due to her not being able to financially support them.    

“COVID was a form of power and control; it was used as a form of abuse,” Warfield said. “We had clients who were isolated being told that going out into the world meant bringing COVID back into the home and putting everyone at risk … it was used as a leverage tool.”

During lockdowns substance abuse rose 13%, law enforcement calls rose 50%.  Teen suicide increased dramatically, with attempts at suicide resulting in hospitalization up 50% among girls.  Shelters for women closed, and the courts ability to process cases ground to a near halt.

You may counter that this was the result of the pandemic.  But what was at work was the sacrifice of individual rights and and personal safety in order to follow the protocols and edicts issued capriciously by public servants with little or no ability to predict the results of their orders.  When medical professionals would counter health agencies, they were censored.  In some states their licenses were revoked.  In Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel pursued legal action against physicians and nurses who contradicted the narrative and the Science.  The technocrats – those in health agencies who anointed themselves as experts – struck out against any dissent.  When you exercised your right to speak or reason differently, you were punished.  When asked to perform her duties of her office and investigate deaths in nursing homes, a clear violation of individual rights, Dana Nessel turned down the request.

COVID policy erased your rights.  In a health society where feedback is offered and accepted, changes would have been made to continue to protect the victims of domestic abuse, people would not have lost their jobs as they were sentenced to being imprisoned at home while not being able to work.  Instead of modulation their positions as new information arose regarding COVID transmission, the technocrats continued to violate your rights.  The ideal of the common good was always the rationale.  This occurred in California, Michigan and many other states.  When the next crisis occurs, the response will be the same – the experts have the right to violate your rights and the DUTY to silence you.

Community of Care, Sustainable Medicine and Climate Change remedies offered by the experts of the Great Reset also call for sacrifice for the common good.  It is central to their philosophy.  They actively blame Americans and individualism as the largest obstacle to achieving sustainability.  What do you think will happen during the next crisis event when they are able to order you to surrender and comply for the greater good?  


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