No Alaskan Crab For Thee, Just the CCP

Has China Or Climate Change Impacted Alaska's Snow Crab Population?

China is the model technocracy,  you will hear the proponents of the Great Reset sing its praise.  Rarely do you hear it’s impact on climate.  Part of our Rationed State Series.

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By The Mighty Humanzee

In our documentary Rationed State we focus on the vulnerabilities of our food production systems, as we believe have demonstrated that there is a concerted effort to force restrictive measures on on society in order to enact the Great Reset, or what we more appropriately call it the Great Erasure.  The pattern is to identify a weakness, hype the weakness, offer false choices or solutions, then advance an agenda with adverse effects contrary to our interests and our inherent individual rights.  We have reported on listeria outbreaks as fitting this pattern. 

This week authorities in Alaska declared a moratorium on snow crab fishing right before the season was to commence.  In chilling declaration, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game halted all fishing of crab because there are over 1 billion crabs missing since the last 2 years. 

“An estimated one billion crabs have mysteriously disappeared in two years, state officials said. It marks a 90% drop in their population.”

First it seems quite impossible to believe that ecologists and fishermen were unaware of the disappearance of such a high number of crab over a long period of time.  In years, no one noticed that one billion crab had suddenly vanished.  Generally the Fish and Game agencies have budget to monitor and advert these crisis, right?  Again, we see a pattern here that under the auspices of a state agency, a disaster occurs that most competent people who have identified within 2 years.  It begs the question “What made you finally notice, when the 1 billionth crab finally disappeared”?

As one would guess, the usual suspect is offered as the cause by Ben Daly, a researcher with Alaska Department of Fish and Game :

“Environmental conditions are changing rapidly,” Daly said. “We’ve seen warm conditions in the Bering Sea the last couple of years, and we’re seeing a response in a cold adapted species, so it’s pretty obvious this is connected. It is a canary in a coal mine for other species that need cold water.”

While offering that it could be disease, note that media can not ask the question “If the disappearance is related to disease, where are the samples of the diseased crabs?”.  It is also interesting to note that the report doesn’t interview local fisherman who may have different insight of the conditions of the Alaskan fishing environment.  Perhaps someone who is in the regional waters on a daily basis could offer up some insight.  Instead the article ends leaving you with the impression that it is most likely climate change.  This is very convenient, as with most things related to climate change, we enter a state of crisis, and in order to build a sustainable solution to the crisis and save the Earth we must step aside while experts and technocrats assume control and shut off all crab fishing for the season.  This affects half the supply of fish in the United States.


China has built the world’s largest fishing fleet, and has raised alarms by over in international and territorial waters.  From the NY Times:

Over the last two decades, China has built the world’s largest deep-water fishing fleet, by far, with nearly 3,000 ships. Having severely depleted stocks in its own coastal waters, China now fishes in any ocean in the world, and on a scale that dwarfs some countries’ entire fleets near their own waters.

The impact is increasingly being felt from the Indian Ocean to the South Pacific, from the coasts of Africa to those off South America — a manifestation on the high seas of China’s global economic might.

Very akin to strip mining, China will destroy eco systems as the violate international treaties and simply take whatever they can.  And while The NY Times has great detail, rarely are our leaders asked what they are going to do to prevent China from destroying eco systems.  Remember, to Paul Krugman and many in the Biden and Obama administrations, the CCP is a miracle as they get things done, unfettered by questions from the ignorant masses.  When has the CCP been confronted publicly regarding their fishing practices?  

While there is no evidence offered so far that China is responsible for depleting the crab harvest, it is suspect that Climate Change is the first go to explanation, and as with many who “follow the science”, very little credence is lent to other reasonable explanations.  It is extremely odd that the agencies who are supposed to track fish population didn’t spot the trend sooner.  Given how heavy censorship is with revelations that go against the narrative that the planet is warming and therefore everything is dying, we need to consider what actions from China are simply ignored, and then the results are conveniently lumped into Climate Change.  China has been very destructive in the Indian Ocean, are they at work in Alaska?  If the United States is so destructive and must be reined in order to save the planet, why is China, the largest polluter on the planet, not forced to sign the same restrictive treaties, and allowed to destructively empty fishing waters that are not in their own territory?  The CCP destroyed their own fishing regions, should they be allowed to spread across the globe to do the same everywhere?

We have had huge fluctuations before with fish population, and moratoriums have been required to allow populations to return to viable levels.  But too many times we have had overly zealous activists in public office who refuse to use common sense and stray from the Climate Change narrative.  Instead we have seen the answer repeatedly:  Americans are destructive, it’s time to pay the piper and your food supply will be reduced.  The icing on that bitter cake is that the public “officials” then use the crisis they just created as an excuse to re-engineer food production, and lo and behold, less food is produced.  It paves the way for darker things to become entrenched. 

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