BEL Loves Giorgia Meloni

Strong Leadership Rises To The Top

We’ve expressed our admiration for Italian PM Giorgio Meloni.

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

John, Blue and I cheered when we heard that Giorgia Meloni was elected Prime Minister of Italy.  Not only does she deliver fiery speeches that have clear strong ring of clarity, she represents several chinks in the armor of the push for the Great Reset as it rushes desperately to accomplish it’s plan in the European Union.  Other states such as Hungary are not buying into the scheme of this transformation, rejecting the mass migration wave that is supported by NGO’s sympathetic to reshaping Europe.

At the risk of sounding ungrateful, I will admit I was struck by this thought that I shared with BlondieAtlanta, a long time friend on Twitter who posted the video.  Why is that we see mostly women leading the charge in the midst of the terrible wave of tyranny and economic upheaval?  And sadly that group is a small group as well on the national stage, with Kari Lake, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert.  I don’t count Tulsi Gabbard in that roll call, as she is Elizabeth Warren-lite who has just changed her tune to be popular on Fox News. 

Men are missing.  And I don’t count Lindsay Graham aka Aunt Bee nor Mitch McConnell in that fraternity at all.  Decades of specialization has really eroded the male voice in common sense matters.  Reliance on experts has dulled our ability to assess, act, then walk on.  Should we get that Red Sweep that we desperately need, we are all going to need to step up to support those who stepped in.  Remember, it begins on Election Day.

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