The Rationed State

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“The richness of life lies in the memories we have forgotten.” -Cesare Pavese
By Orange

 In May 1942, starting with sugar- The United States Government began rationing items. Coffee was added to the list that November, followed by meats, fats, cheese, and canned milk.

America was at War.

 Victory Gardens were an overnight sensation, American Families plotted out ways to secure themselves thru the change that lived into 1947. Once items were placed onto the OPA list- it would cause a ripple effect- demanding a trip to the store and shortages to begin. SPAM became a popular fix as well as one of the most common meats sold and sent overseas to feed soldiers on the frontlines. Macaroni & Cheese became a household name & item in homes across the span of America.  The theme of joining the effort during that times was placing emphasis on being a part of a Unified Nation in support that could bring fathers, sons and of course daughter’s home from War quickly.

While it was a temporary fix to Halt the demand of “normal Society”; that Contributed Effort today is taught thru a lens, that without the concentrated effort of America- the World would be lost without the Navigational pull of American greatness & strength.


In March 0f 2020-

President Trump took center stage to brief Americans on Coronavirus – referring himself as a Wartime President against an Invisible Enemy. AN Enemy that China was still handling without the aid of Experts. In fact- the Experts in America where ideally silent- so silent that it was Americans that would be channeled around by caution tape thru the Media and Loud speakers in parking lots being told what to buy, where to go & how close was too close; then escorted to the presumption that you were a carrier of a virus with no symptoms & to mask up.


One noted point that people Today do not realize is that Rationing42 was making a comeback. It occurred like a thief – affecting every one individual, how they live, think, eat, and breathe. Which in turn, is then guided into society as a question & answered most importantly by how it is defined & Who brings value to that definition. Experts- the media cried would be the “New Norm”-


As the State of Emergency was being Declared and Defined- A new set of facts would be played like a hypnoses chant- changing the geographical timeline of Policy and Leaders- these facts play out as the pivot we see even today in 2022- the idea of those once comfortable connivences would quickly come to a grinding halt in Modern America and on an International Stage.

The Care Community of Ethics:

Frontline & Essential was the prescribed suit for Americans as every State Governor sat idly waiting for the first case to arrive. Stitched in patches on Americas already diverse fabric would become the New Normal for this all-hands-on approach.  People were informed that staying home was the most valuable contribution to society in keeping yourself and family safe from this very active & deadly Mystery flu. Those with preexisting conditions who were already prescribed appointments, surgeries and routine care became the least of importance compared to the Virus that was unknown, new and uncontrollable.



Daniel Callahan, a man who was referred to by his students and others who subscribed to his many lectures spanning across a career since the early 60’s was referred to as ‘’the Father of Bioethics, who died in July of 2019.

Today you can still find many of his 47 books that are still being circulated thru out the world on a variety of different societal topics that have been a revolving door in American Politics & Policy. An individual who believed that National Security was a topic at the forefront of Campaigns & finding common ground among many in this country which was widely used as a means for funding. Callahan agreed with much of the position, only his terms of it was being wrapped up & given out, prescribed as Universal HealthCare.

 Callahan traveled around the world to study how different countries approached the issue of abortion, as well as ethical issues in family planning and population control. A Man who was a member of the Director’s Advisory Committee, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and of the Advisory Council, Office of Scientific Responsibility, Department of Health, and Human Services. He was awarded the Freedom and Scientific Responsibility Award of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1996


The Means:

In 2020- a shared opinion piece of Daniel Callahan was published in a paper called “Health Progress” it was meant to pull a crowd based in response to showcasing: the Idealism behind how the Progressive movement of Health Care should be tuning into the Moment:

A sustainable medicine, as with sustainable HMOs, requires rationing to insure affordability. And affordability, I have tried to argue, is a basic requirement of sustainable healthcare.

Why does this point seem to so hard for Americans to grasp? – Callahan wrote

 Callahan found it Fundamental in his own prospective thoughts to present the idea that to work for the Common man- the Common Goal had to begin with Rationing being Necessary.

The problem he first calls out is based on the presentation of Individualism: “The problem is that the individualism, though surely a worthy value, is itself the major obstacle to an affordable, sustainable medicine. By putting the needs of the individual ahead of the common good—in this case defined as population health—this perspective enshrined a set of values that knows no boundaries. ‘’

So based on his perception, Individualism must be slaughtered and rejected for the good of all mankind- planet included and that there was a line to be drawn by those who believed in Cure verses those who believed in Care.

 rationing-equity-and-affordable-care-pdf.pdf (


It wasn’t just Mr. Callahan who believed the idea that Individualism would be a suggestion or influence when moving forward. A individual named Robert Longley has written his professional opinion about Americans individualism, in which he refers to it as “Americas Isolationisms. “

In an article written on a webpage called in April of this year; Longley asserts that Policy or the Doctrine which takes no role in the affairs of other nations, is called “Isolationism”. One interesting aspect is the fact that the Mr. Longley made an effort to push a point the of the Former President of the United States as ascribing that Donald Trump was in fact a true “isolationist” based on his campaign motto of “America first’’.

Longley contributed the theme by quoting this to quietly convince the reader of his conclusion:

“There is no global anthem, no global currency, no certificate of global citizenship,” Mr. Trump said on December 1, 2016. “We pledge allegiance to one flag, and that flag is the American flag. From now on, it’s going to be America first.”


The Uncertainty of the Future:


The realities of 2022 in America to many is certainly a fueled wildfire. Between the chatter of Presidential discontent- who is unfavorable while being blindfold & muzzled, the unraveling of a controversy continues to unfold around the credibility of were the Leader of the Free world is taking American Families, included along for the ride is an assisted variety of undocumented, illegal aliens.


This fast paced, uncontrolled & irrational acceptance of an onslaught of what many would describe as tyranny is not justifiable, and today- those of the Middle-Class in America are feeling the weight of this experimental downgrade. While paying double the amount and in some areas- triple for less than what is Ideal for a small family of 3 or 4 on the dinner table- People are feeling, seeing, and fearing the effects in their homes and across the globe.


In Canada,

Parents are living in a time where a simple over the counter pain reliever for a child Is now controlled either by a trip to the doctor or a visit to a local Pharmacy & chat behind the counter to receive the medicine. (Clarification: Requirement for prescriptions for Tylenol and Advil for children – English (



The global Dairy industry is currently flaunting the idea that reducing potential challenges of what the future could turn into, and that “synthetic milk” is a meaningful step forward as an alternative solution when it comes to animal warfare in this ever-changing climatic planet.


An of course, The United Nations predicts that by 2050, if current trends continue, the world’s population will reach 9.8 billion. As a resultglobal demand for food and feed is expected to increase by 70 per cent, putting additional pressure on already overexploited agricultural resources.

 The solution...

The Consumption of Bugs.

“For example, insects are already a natural source of food for pigs and poultry as well as for many fish species. In addition, insect larvae are generally high in protein and are rich in other beneficial nutrients such as fats, minerals, and vitamins.’’



Not to makes matters even more bizarre than what they already are but the fact that I absolutely couldn’t fathom ingesting bugs for the common cause- another option is readily available:

In a recent story published in July of 2022 by Alex Beggs- The New York Times was accused of trying to Normalize the idea that Cannibalism was something to really consider- acknowledging in her own words that, “Turns- out, cannibalism has a time and a place,” she added, noting that recently published books and hint “that time is now.”

She went on to describe that-

‘’ I think that we’re obviously in a very strange moment,” she said, noting the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, school shootings, and the country’s current political state as possible factors.’’-

New York Times Accused of ‘Normalizing’ Cannibalism (


 At the end of the day for many across the globe who are watching; American Criticism has been gained on Platforms across a world stage in a variety of different personalities to question the obvious.; ‘’where has the light of Freedom and Liberty gone of the World?’’

Where is America?

Flipping the latest burger made from cricket larva or maybe a slice of butt cheek from your neighbor – to washing it down with a syntenic mixture of milk doesn’t seem like the kind of appetizing July 4th celebration that many in America would enjoy.

Yet- according to Daniel, the Father of Bioethics, you don’t necessarily have to live a long life to have a fulfilling life. In today’s Wokeness, it seems much easier to get behind a voice that is idealistic & untested verses holding on to the reality that many are going to be living.



A. The Alex Jones End

Wake up, the signs are all around you.  When you look to Canada and see how there was a bait and switch was used with sophisticated charts, graphics and intellectual phrases which discussed sustainability just a few years ago and now you see shortages of all kinds, you know they are turning off systems of support.  Sustainability is a code word for re-engineering the efficiency out of food and medicine production, creating planned scarcity and a panic that drives populations into false choices.

Now take into account that the very same people pretending to be uber intelligent architects of the future say that population must fall to save the planet, that humans are obsolete so why keep you around, who say they hope the reduction of population is peaceful, and you can easily see that you are placing yourself into the hands-on insane mass murders.  They just don’t salivate when they say, “While I want this to be peaceful, not everyone will be happy”.  [We should play the video of the bearded guy again]

Canada pushing euthanasia makes this coming apocalypse an even scarier inevitability.  Infaant deaths because basic staples and lack of nutrition is very possible because they cannot even stock their own shelves.  Coincidence, incompetence or on purpose, it doesn’t matter because the uber intelligent overlords told you that scarcity was coming so you’ll starve, die from flu like the poor does in 3rd world countries.

Also consider that the reduction of electricity will also affect medicine, you won’t have enough energy in Europe to run medical centers.  They are already using language like “we need to flatten the demand curve” as they start to clamp down on usages.  Rationing will cause shortage, reduced power will be reduced medical services and production of medical supplies, MRI’s, x-rays, etc.  The Covid language will trigger the learned obedience that was instilled during the pandemic.

B.Two Possible Reasons for Calamity, You Decide

We put the facts before you and ask if the tragic shortages are occuring because of intent or due to incompetence.  There’s no denying that things are dire, just look to what is occuring in Canada, a first world nation and leader in “socialized” medicine, to see a dark future ahead.

From the persepctive of intent, we have ample evidence that the architects of the “sustainable” systems have made no excuses for their speeches where they call for drastic reduction of population and total elimination of fossil fuels.  To eliminate fossil fuels altogether will put out industrial base out of use:  we are simply a society that requires fossile fuel to produce goods and services to sustain our population. 

[Play video]

You hear the mission statement and false choice:  if you want to consume, you get to have 1 billion people.  Sustainability means we eliminat population.  All the of shortages lead to this goal unless we correct course.  No matter the claim that we can’t produce energy, we could only 2 years ago and the only reduction in available fuel is by decree of governments.


From the perspective that the impending calamity is due to incompetence, that the shortages are due to impact from Ukrainian war sanctions and collapsing markets yet to recover from Covid shut downs, the case can be made that the sustainable systems are not sustainable under duress.  You may excuse the oversight, but the outcome is the same:  food and medicine are disappearing and you will need to deal with the shortages no matter the reason.  The question becomes whether you continue to let the architects of the sustainable system continue in the current planning capacities or you replace them with a more competent team.  But who will be on that team, and how will you vet them?



Regardless, all the elements we have covered point to a potential disaster if we do not correct our course, making production and distribution at levels prior to Covid crisis a top priority.  Sustainability will be slowly achieved when the means of production is functioning in a robust manner.

A Special Thanks: 

Back in August/ September when Zee and I had first read thru, collected our thoughts and where this would go- we both questioned how to ultimately conclude the ending to this series. While we both realize that we didn’t know the outcome, let alone how on task this would actually prove itself over the portion of just 5 weeks of it, I have to sincerely give a huge Thank You to THE Mighty HumanZee !!

The interest and the Gamble he took with running the Ball with me when it came to Rationed State, NOT many people out there are just willing to put time, effort and their own neck out on a thought that neither of us knew the future for an actual conclusion.

– Yet it was an amazing adventure and a true testament of the work and Dedication that brings many of us around the States to this corner and apart of the Humanzee Tribe. 

That being said, I’ll Cya on the Feild.

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