It Isn’t Really Paranoia If They’re Really Out To Get You..

Here we are again – the Biden Administration actively channeling another Crisis- From the Baby Formula shortage to now Amoxicillin- how low will they Go? 

By Orange

Here we are. Its November 2022- an Election Day in the USA but today instead of running to polls to cast our ballots- Parents are instead in panic mode. Why? Well on October 31st- the FDA came out with a Warning that the USA was enduring a supply chain shortage of Amoxicillin. Many parents know exactly what this antibiotic is. It’s used in an array of sickness ranging from common Ear Infections to Bacterial Infections like bronchitis or phenomena. 

In an Article published by CBS which reported that one supplier claimed this as the theory to the “shortage”.

The increased demand combined with several other factors, including supply chain issues, is leading to the short supply, according to the company.

“The combination in rapid succession of the pandemic impact and consequent demand swings, manufacturing capacity constraints, scarcity of raw materials, and the current energy crisis means we currently face a uniquely difficult situation,” Sandoz said in a statement. “We are working with key stakeholders including governments to find ways to manage this critical situation.”

Now- this article goes on to reassure parents that this really isn’t a big deal. They take on the position that their reporting staff reached out to Walgreens and other stores and reported that they’re not seeing this happen in their area locally. Okay- but you’re reporting it- so hello-McFly?

Wait. This is the New Media like this New Normal, right? 

 In the New York post– who covered this same exact story. It includes a different look which took on a variety of parents who are currently seeking this medication because it’s currently necessary for their child’s health. They’ve been issued a variety of different medications by their doctors because of this shortage. The part that should be eye opening is the fact that what parents would normally do is go get this Medication from the local pharmacy which would be prescribed. Very simple & normally stocked especially during a time when seasonal change is occurring.  Yet, these parents are not dealing with a sick child only- but the realization of other symptoms that have been added on top of fighting the infection these kids are suffering from. 
Now, think of that. Not just as a parent but even Grandparents. Who many times pick up x number of days because parents cannot afford to leave work or take time off based on a child’s common ear infection. I mean, we are at a truly Historical moment in time. All this Economic Intercourse flying around us in Real America.

The risky behavior of this just wreaks so much havoc in my opinion. So much so that it’s hard to think that the FDA isn’t being intentional, but we do know that its Preventable, right?

I mean, we just left 2 years of a Pandemic which My State endured some of the worse handling of it in Michigan’s History to date. Some of the biggest, usual Losers like BitchBasket Gretch or AG MucasNat- just created more chaos and true confusion. In fact, our own States Representatives absolutely Stayed home and Away from Public Eyes in which they masked themselves for safety and from public ridicule. 

And that brings me to the Next Insult of Governing the Public based on Superior Policy Efforts from the Winner in the Whitehouse, Squid Clod Joe. 

That lump of cells chose to use Executive action, which sent a message that made the public believe it would in fact help curb any shortages current and, in the future, which would ensure that Emergency Medicines would be a Top priority to the public in time of need.

SO, how the Hell are we here- again? 

I could have sworn on a recent Spaces convo, to those who listen- that this would be at our tables come the Election.

 The greatness of us at times is our greatest failure too. We tend to go on believing that we are untouchable in a way- and now it is here to remind us of how fragile we are. Even our own Policy makers and our own dependency of Government- greases the wheel to fail us daily. So maybe we should apply the only resolve we are left with – maybe we should come to know that they really are after us, instead of being for us, as they claim. Doesn’t Action speak louder than words anymore?

A true reflection of this methodical madness is exactly what Zee and I have recorded and reported on this very site over the last few weeks. The position that a Country like Canada has continually chose to use Regulation to phase out certain critical medications that is needed by some of the most vulnerable people have been left to not only suffer but die. We are seeing those same situations play out in the UK, in Africa and in India- today. So, what is the resolve? Where are the actual oversight committees that we pay to keep checks and balances in place with these three lettered Activists? DO they Exist in 2022 regardless of the Administration & shouldn’t they be on a loudspeaker- knowing that this is truly preventable- yet more suffering will occur? 

Can we now realize that We, as AMericans have placed way too much faith in Government. And if you’re one to say, no I clearly do not. Then explain a solution of how we can do better for a Future that waits.

Note:  Pfizer has just announced a vaccine for RSV, to be taken by the mother while pregnant.

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