Show Notes: Darth Nessel And Sand Piper

By Orangezipple1 and The Mighty Humanzee

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We don’t want to do this, but we HAVE to talk about Michigan’s walking genital wort Darth Nessel, again.  

New scandal.  Yes, new.

No Matter How Much The State Tries To Steal From Your Community, Your Power Is Local

Too many American students are far too limited by the current education ‘system’ that assigns them to a school building based solely on where they live. That means their family income largely dictates their education options. But the freedom to choose the right education should not only be for the rich, powerful and connected. All students should have the freedom to pursue an education that develops their talents, unleashes their unique potential and prepares them for a successful life.

What if Homeschooling is not the answer for you?

What Your Child Sees On A Daily Basis Is Crucial

Why is the ADA so crucial to understanding the slow creep of Severed Conscience?  O discusses that her in her article It’s Not Science, Its DATA!

Last Friday We Reported That Lansing Voted Themselves Jurisdiction Over Our Zoning

Citizens of Michigan no longer have the right to determine whether Detroit Edison or Consumers Power can build solar panel or wind turbine farms.

The Michigan House Energy, Communications, and Technology Committee voted Oct. 18 on a package of bills that would remove local control over industrial-scale wind and solar developments in the state. The legislation will give zoning control to the Michigan Public Service Commission, whose members are appointed by the governor. The bills were hurried through the committee in spite of bipartisan opposition.

House bills 5120-5123 were introduced in the energy committee just a week prior, on Oct. 10. A coalition of local interest groups submitted a statement of opposition against the legislation, as previously reportedby Michigan Capitol Confidential.

No Such Thing As Too Much Transparency 

Rep. Joey Andrews IV, D-St. Joseph promised he closed his solar panel company, he really did.  Must be he forgot, because when he executed his duties as voiced chair of the House Energy Committee, he absentmindedly made it easier for his company to profit.  

On Wednesday, Andrews voted in favor of legislation that would benefit the solar industry by allowing statewide permits to be granted out of Lansing.

Andrews, who is vice-chairman of the House energy committee, voted for bills that would give the Michigan Public Service Commission the right to permit solar and windmill projects statewide.

This would remove local leadership from the decision process. It would further empower the governor, who appoints the three-member commission.


The Michigan Public Service Commission Is About Ignoring Or Changing the Law

There are constraints, and good ones with good reason, the prevent centralized government from running over like a freight train.  The Michigan Public Service Commission is a three person committee who serve 6 years terms.  These regulators are appointed by the Governor, and they state that there mission is to perform what markets normally do in health economies:  

The mission of the Michigan Public Service Commission is to serve the public by ensuring safe, reliable, and accessible energy and telecommunications services at reasonable rates.


Grand Rapids repelled at 453 Million solar panel project, and the Michigan Public Service Commission clearly stated that we need new business models and laws to achieve the Net Zero goals in creative ways.  We translate that Monopolies and Lawlessness, evidenced by the zoning power grab.  Here is the executive summary from their report New Technologies, Business Models, and Staff Recommendations

There are regulatory and business model barriers to the development and full utilization of clean, distributed energy and resources in Michigan. Stated differently, there is the need to adapt the regulatory framework to allow for different applications of DER [distributed energy resources] and to define the appropriate roles of utilities and other entities in supporting a more decentralized energy system that is clean, affordable, and accessible.

Laws are barriers, local zoning are barriers to the large corporations have crate bland to do as they please.

Dear Darth, Do Watch Better Call Saul?

Dana Nessel Helped Traci Kornak, a slip and fall ambulance chaser – that means attorney for everyone in Ann Arbor – avoid and investigation.  Charlie LeDuff of the the Detroit News broke LATEST Darth Nessel scandal

On Dec. 6, Nessel forwarded those reports onto Fadwa Hamoud, her solicitor general.

“Ms. Kornak has contacted me regarding this matter,” wrote Nessel. “Mr. [redacted]’s allegations are apparently holding up a potential judicial appointment for her in Kent County. She has requested the documents from our investigation.”

Nessel continued: “I think (she) wants to be able to assert that the claims made by [redacted] were never substantiated by our investigation and the case is closed. Please advise what our process should be. There is some urgency to the matter in that she needs to supply this information by the week’s end.”

The Kornak case was closed two weeks later. Hamoud was promoted to chief deputy attorney general the following day.


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