1-2-3-4-5-6-7, All Good Children Go To Heaven

CDC Including mRNA in MMR Schedule Is Just The Start of Following The Science

You never give my your money
you only give me your funny paper
and in the middle of negations you break down.

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By The Mighty Humanzee, Research by @GrammyPam64GILL

Rationed State has looked at food production, medicine, and propaganda and how all are used to promote a more sinister end than what people understand to be the Great Reset.  There is an even more chilling bookend to our research now that CDC has included mRNA in the MMR schedule.  Most new treatments require 4-5 years of trials and clinical tests, but we are now faced with Dr Anthony Fauci’s retirement, and his parting gifts to us are dysfunctional medical systems and government health protection agencies that are worried about speed to market.  But the scion of St Anthony of Wuhan and Fauci himself are in fact evil brethren to Daniel Callahan, Yuval Noah Harari and Dennis Meadows that we exposed in our research.

The propaganda machine worked overtime to distract us with the Ukraine conflict, food shortages, and medicine shortages, but Orange, ever vigilant reminded us that what the CDC was about to announce was anything but health care.  You see, while we were worried about the midterms, worried about the economy, distraught over billions going to Ukraine like a fan blowing dollars out the window, we let our guard down.  COVID isn’t over, it’s about to begin again.  The lying will begin again as infant mortality skyrockets and we are told that it’s not happening, and for Sustainable Medicine we must sacrifice and imbibe the poison elixir like a communion of death.  Play the Tucker segment, I’ll wait.

But oh that magic feeling – no where to go.

The CDC has voted unanimously to include the mRNA vaccine in the MMR Schedule.  

I’ll say it again:  your grandchildren, your children, your neighbors’ newborn will have the mRNA included as part of the Measles, Mumps, Rubella standard vaccinations that are administered to all children.  

Never mind all the signals that show clear cases of cancer, concentration of the vaccine spike protein in the new borne infant tissue, the instance of myocarditis in young men over age 15.  Disregard the countless sporting events where athletes in the their prime drop dead in front of you while the announcer stammers something about getting that now dead soccer player immediate care.  Ignore the cases where someone in their late 50s, healthy as a source, died from blood clots.  You don’t understand the Science, even if you are practicing medical professional who saved their own COVID patients through the use of off brand prescription of hydroxcholorqine, cortico-steroids and ivermectin.  You must follow the Science distilled from the technocrats and just accept that they know what is best.  Vaccinate the healthy?  Why yes, they just determined that the substance that doesn’t prevent the spread of COVID, and weakens your immune like AZT course through and AIDS patients veins is for the common good.  

Despite no evidence of risk from COVID to infants, the CDC is now recommending that will be injected anyway.  Will you be able to get MMR without the mRNA, what if supply and demand dictates that you can’t have a MMR shot without the mRNA poison?  What if the technocrats in the Community of Care say it’s not sustainable to keep separate vaccination schedules?  What if there are medical professionals who make a mistake and give your child the wrong injection?

Before I go one here are the corroborating sources that support my claims listed below.  These are just a few from our COVID Research Page.

More references are here.

Soon we’ll be away from here, step on the gas and wipe that tear away

Some simple questions have to be asked, and most likely if you have a healthy instinct for survival you’ll have to have entertained these by now.  

Is it possible for incompetent health experts to choose the 100% wrong answer and the incorrect protocol every single time?  

The protocols Stay inside, don’t exercise, don’t try any treatments, don’t open the windows, don’t try steroids too alleviate breathing, don’t try anti inflammatories, and most importantly LETS INJECT PREGNANT WOMEN WITH FUCKING EXPERIMENTAL SUBSTANCES.  Those were the POLAR opposite of any healthy recommendation.  Vitamin D important for immunity – not recommended.  Lose weight as the data told us that overweight people were at risk – no don’t recommend that, it’s fat shaming.  Do outside in the fresh air and walk – no, keep your mask on you can get COVID outdoors.  The examples run on and on.  Each provide not only unscientific, they proved to be amazingly harmful and exacerbated conditions.  Many died because treatment was withheld until Remdesivir could be administered.  Remdesivir causes renal failure, yet it was put into use despite not passing a double blind study.  New medication without safety parameters fully ascertained was recommended over ivermectin, a safe treatment in use for 4 decades by millions of people, no side effects when take in correct doses.  The dowse required to cause intestinal discomfort as quite high.  Renal failure associated with it’s use? No.

Why, in the face of all the side effects and shoddy science, do the health experts continue to push the mRNA vaccine?

Big Pharma and those connected with the mRNA vaccine have made billions of dollars.  Pfizer made 60 billion in a single quarter alone – that’s more than most other industries rake in in a year.  So why don’t they simply enjoy the legal immunity (no pun intended) that they have received from the EUA and ride out things out and declare a COVID victory?  Sure, to continue to be shielded from lawsuits, the drug companies need legal cover.  Vaccines in the MMR schedule are granted liability immunity.  You could say that gaining this approval gives Big Pharma legal protection.  But why continue increase the use in the midst of all the revelations of side effects?  It makes no sense that you can hide the deaths and side effects quite forever.  Zero.  

Now let’s amp up the black pilled cynicism setting a few bars.  The victims you create will either be dead, or their families so distraught that they will won’t have the energy nor the resources to take action.  Maybe there is a calculus that says canceling social media and attacking victims finances is a viable solution.  But when the numbers hit a certain level you can no longer hide from the bodies piled up at the door.

Push that black pilled setting up to 8 or 9 now, and let these quotes from our Rationed State architects sink in a little.  First from Yuval Harari when discussing ethics and morality:

Similarly there are no such rights in biology. There are only organs, abilities and characteristics.  Birds fly not because they have a right to fly, but because they have wings.  And its not tur that these organs, abilities, and characteristics are “unalienable”.  Many of them undergo constant mutations and may well be lost completely over time.  The ostrich is a bird that list its ability to fly.  So “unalienable rights” should be translated into “mutable characteristics” [2]

Harari says we can hack humans.  Interesting.  mRNA falls into that category, it instructs your DNA to produce proteins foreign to your body that in many cause the cytokine storm that causes your immune system to eat your cells.  It spreads beyond the local injection site to reach the heart and ovaries, and has been found in breast milk.  Hack humans.

Now consider Dennis Meadows, liver spotted pecker head who won’t volunteer to get off the planet to save the earth but sure is enthusiastic at shoving others over the cliff:  I hope we can reduce the population of the earth peacefully.


Pretty clear what his intentions are.  Do you think he’ll intervene from this perch at the World Economic Forum to prevent a war, or a program of extinction?

Turn that black pilled knob up to 11, skipping 10.  You’ll have to after you consider Yuval Harari’s next statement:

The truth is that “empire” has been the world’s most common form of political organization for the last 2,500 years.  Most humans during the two and a half millennia  have lived in empires. Empire is a very stable form of government. Most empires have found it alarmingly easy to put down rebellions.  In general, they have been toppled only by external invasion or by a split within the ruling elite.  Conversely, conquered peoples don’t have a very good record of freeing themselves from their imperial overlords.  Most have remained subjugated for hundred of years. Typically, they have been slowly disgusted by the conquering empire, until their distinct cultures fizzled out. [4]

So the brutality of empires is not off the table. In fact most people are pliable, rarely put up a fight and can be easily controlled.  It’s right there.  He’s repeated numerous times, and the morons who think TED Talks boost IQ points just let that wash over them without a negative reaction.  Harari has no goddamned compunction about throwing out the value of human life because he thinks you are just a concoction of DNA, and a stupid lump of flesh at that because empires have been the most successful form of control, in his crazed estimation.  

So now are you still comfortable St Anthony of Wuhan and the Great Reset crowd are merely seeking legal protection for Big Pharma?  Harari and Meadows are not whack job nobodies, THEY ARE THE FUCKING CHIEF ADVISORS OF THE GREAT RESET MOVEMENT.  On a scale of 1-10 your fight or flight instinct should be topping out at 100.  

One sweet dream, came true.  Today.  Yes it did

Now factor in that they will be giving the mRNA to infants.  Each revelation that they KNEW about the protein spreading to other organs and breast milk has not given a single one of them pause.  No, they now have achieved their dream by including for healthy infants.  What do your instincts say?  At this stage who cares about the accuracy of data collection and analytics and other retarded polysyllabic phrases the elite use to make you feel inferior.  The numbers fluctuate, but that’s the not the point.  In the word of Dr Peter McCullough you halt when you see a SIGNAL, not wait for the funding for a double blind goddamned study.  The very words of the CDC panelists have been “at some point we need to test this out in the real world.”  And in the EU they just declared that pregnant women are in high risk groups and should be given the mRNA.



”But we have learned so much about COVID, and over time we will course correct.  No one would purposefully experiment and endanger people.  We have laws against that – I can’t believe that people would do this on purpose,” is your response.

What does your INSTINCT tell you, not you college addled brain.  People are on the side of good?  So researchers didn’t understand what they were doing when they violated US law and continued gain of function research when they created a new strain of COVID that kills 80% of the mice in a test lab?  

The useful idiots in the scientific and medical community are being used to implement a plan to extinguish humanity.  There, we’ve joined the ranks of Alex Jones.  And if Orange and I are wrong, at least our instincts lead us to a safer position, and our families have remained intact and our sons out of intensive care at the cardiology ward in some death mill hospital.  That’s the IQ test, plain and simple.  It’s the Survival Quotient Test.  We passed.  The poor souls who were sadly fooled were sacrifices of this monstrous death cult that believes we need to depopulate the Earth.  The face diaper clad cult members who quote the Lancet journal without understanding ANY of the medical revelations, nor having bothered to read the retractions and updates to those studies stand outside your door waiting to take you vaccination centers.  Remember the cheering crowds when people were fired from their jobs and when Biden pushed to make the vaccine mandatory? Yeah, those fearful gelatinous demons will find courage when they see more people vaccinated like they are.  They are too blinded to see the deaths.

If we’re wrong, well, we’re still walking on the fucking planet.  Tony Montana style, I’m still fucking standing.  Pass the horse paste please.

1-2-3-4-5-6-7, All Good Children Go To Heaven

So you may be asking how is this a part of Rationed State?  In that documentary we revealed how all the flowery language around sustainable economies and health care systems was soma, a drug to lull the “intellectuals” to sleep while a bait and switch occurred and production and distribution of the very services, food and goods that the elite were supposed to improve were then simply cut off.  Baby Tylenol in Canada, baby formula in the US showed us that it was more than incompetence that put families are risk.  The alarming trend in food manufacturing facilities destruction and capricious and petulant activity of the FDA will be the source of the Food Crisis that will hit our tables this winter.  Janet Yellen constantly remarks about Food Security and risk too production while raising interest rates that drive food prices up and that will cause starvation in the third world.  We showed you the dark, demonic thoughts of key advisors of the Great Reset and their true intent to erase the strengths of our society.

Why do the want to eradicate the strong pillars that have given us so much bounty?  It’s because we resist.  It’s because we are horse-paste-ivermectin-swallowing knuckle scrapers.  It’s because we believe in life, we love our children.  I want grand kids, I don’t want to see my son or daughter knelt over the side of a hospital bed with a lifeless form of their daughter, taken from us by blood clots induced by the MMR laced with mRNA.  We don’t want to see colleagues take sick and die, or linger with complications like migraines for a year then finally succumb to heart failure at the age of 56.  

And they intend to remove us, they will “get the numbers down” as Bill Gates says.  Instead of targeting us they will target our children.  It’s the ultimate test for us as a people.  The cultures that do not protect their offspring do not survive.  We’ve seen that over and over in history.  We feel that reaction of overwhelming alarm in our instincts, in that first time you are asked by a boss if you are taking the vaccine.  So much is arrayed against free will.  And they will use food as a weapon as well.  Society will come to a halt as those with experience are killed off by the vaccine, the strong young bloods who would resist are sickened by the mRNA so that they can’t counter.  Expectant mothers will be injected based on the lies that it is safe and tested, they will abort at rates of 40% or more.  That tragedy will be converted to another lie that environmental conditions are causing the deaths, and the rate of myocarditis in children is actually higher than previous known and “new studies” say it is natural or part of the heritage of living with COVID.  And Big Pharma will provide more treatments.

So while Big Pharma and St Anthony of Wuhan Dr Fauci RAMP UP marketing and distributing this poison and reap more revenue, remember that there are other sinister developments in store that will come at us.  Yes, we’re raising the alarms and we hope that we are wrong.  But if you have children or grand children, you don’t want to be that tragic figure weeping over them after they have passed from the clear side effects of the mRNA vaccine.  COVID didn’t do that, the Great Erasure and horrid maniacs Fauci, Gates, Harari, Shcwab and the other power hungry ghouls did.

1-2-3-4-5-6-7, all good children go to heaven.  


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